“Mary, listen close. My request is as follows: Jonathan gets himself into a lot of shit… so if he died, I want him to be revived just once.”
— Cindy to Mary in Bug Hipz Smol Whipz', page 380

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Cindy is shown to be very aggressive and hot-headed, though also kind and motherly. She is typically vain and thinks very highly of herself. She is also cunning and ambitious, shown by her efforts to become the next Head Counselor. Despite this, she means no harm to others, and is on the 'good' team, siding with The Clan. She is shown as very motherly, when she is seen worrying about the wellbeing of her children, Jonathan, and The Clan. She also has a strong sense of right and wrong, despite not always sticking to it. She is a good leader, often making decisions on behalf of the Clan. After joining StarClan, she is shown to be much calmer and level-headed.

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Berg Arc Edit

Cindy and Berg Edit

Cindy is seen to be sitting behind the bench of the Senators with Ellie. Suddenly the two are approached by Jakob and Kyle, two players on the ice. Cindy is excited, thinking of how she has had a crush on Berg for a while. He asks if the two girls will stay behind after the game for a bit, which they agree to. Cindy thinks of how she enjoys watching the game, but that she's too excited to meet Berg to truly pay attention. As the players leave the ice, Berg winks at her and she feels as though her heart practically stops. She and Ellie sit waiting in the stands for the two players to meet them.

When she hears footsteps, Cindy turns to see Berg and Kyle no more than two metres away. A security guard then yells at them to leave, threatening to call the cops, which worries Cindy. Berg reassures her that he won't actually call the cops. She then asks why they asked her and Ellie to stay behind, wondering if its a meet and greet. Berg then admits that they'd seen them at games before and had never been able to keep their eyes off them. Cindy is shocked and excited when she hears that they want to go to dinner with them. Cindy then asks Berg if he would be her date, and when he says yes she feels as if all of her dreams are coming true.

Cindy asks when the date would be, and Berg tells her that it would be Friday at 12:20. She thinks miserably that she has school then, considering she's only in grade seven. She sadly tells him this, and Berg reassures her that he'll pick her up. The group then goes their separate ways, leaving Cindy excited for Friday.

Come Friday, Cindy and Ellie wait outside excitedly, when a white van pulls up. Everyone gathers around them in a heart shape and Berg steps out of the van with Kyle. She and Ellie walk towards the van when she notices something out of the corner of her eye. She sees Noley, a boy in her grade, crying as he watches Ellie walk away. Cindy thinks helplessly that Ellie can't go back for Noley because she's on a date with Kyle. Cindy shakes Ellie's arm and angrily asks what she's doing, reminding her that she's on a date with Kyle, not Noley. She shakes her head and runs up to hug Berg, then turns to see Ellie give Noley a kiss. Cindy thinks that she doesn't know what to do, but that Ellie is blowing her chances with Kyle.

They then all go to a fancy restaurant, and Cindy notices other girls staring at her in envy. Berg then gives her a ticket to their game the next day, along with a signed jersey of his. The next day at the game, Cindy and Ellie find that their seats are once again behind the Senator's bench. She then notices Noley sitting in the seat beside Ellie, and secretly wonders if she invited him. The game then starts, and Cindy notices that Berg is sitting in front of her on the bench. He turns and asks if Ellie is still with Kyle. Cindy confirms that she is, and Berg points out that she's talking to Noley instead. Cindy turns and sees in horror that Berg is right.

Cindy enjoys the rest of the game, talking to Berg each time he is on the bench. However, despite this she cannot stop thinking about Ellie and how worried she is for her. Cindy thinks about how difficult it will be for Ellie to choose between Kyle and Noley, and that if she were in her friend's position she would nearly be willing to flip a coin to decide. After the game, she is allowed to go to the dressing room. Cindy turns and asks Ellie if she is coming, to which her friend replies that she is just saying goodbye to Noley. Cindy sighs in disappointment and walks away to the dressing room, where Berg greets her with a hug. Cindy teases that he smells, and he defends himself by saying he had just played a hockey game. She then sends Berg to have a shower, and Kyle approaches her, asking if she'd seen Ellie. Cindy apologizes and states that Ellie is with Noley.

After Kyle and Ellie fight, Berg approaches Cindy and asks what had happened. Cindy explains that they'd just had their first fight, and Berg asks if that would ever happen to them. Cindy laughs and promises that it wouldn't. That night Cindy makes a group chat that includes Berg, Ellie and Kyle. Cindy explains that she made the chat for Ellie and Kyle to work out their problems, but both simply leave the chat. Cindy and Berg talk about how the two need to make up if they want to date, which prompts Berg to officially ask Cindy out, which she says yes to.

The next morning Cindy is happy to see that Kyle had texted Ellie inviting her on a date. She heads downstairs and screams when she finds Berg in her living room, watching TV. She is embarrassed and explains that he surprised her. Cindy sits down beside Berg and watches TV with him. He asks her if Kyle had asked Ellie out, which she confirms. For the rest of the morning, the two watch TV, until Ellie runs down and pulls Cindy aside. She worriedly says that both Kyle and Noley asked her out, and she doesn't know what to do. Cindy tells her to go out with Kyle to make it up for talking to Noley the entire game. Ellie thanks her and leaves to tell Kyle yes.

There is a Sens game the following night, so Cindy and Ellie go to the arena before it to have dinner with Berg and Kyle. Berg then tells Cindy and Ellie will have a surprise for them during the game. After having dinner, Ellie and Cindy go to their seats, and both excitedly talk about what their surprise could be. After watching the first period of the game, the lights in the arena dim and a heart-shaped spotlight shines on Ellie and Cindy. Two similar spotlights shine on the ice, where Berg and Kyle are, and a group of people come onto the ice holding a sign that reads 'Berg loves Cindy and Kyle loves Ellie'. Berg then announces on a microphone that this is his surprise for Cindy, because he loves her.

That night, she goes to bed smiling, thinking that her life is perfect. The next morning, she wakes up to the smell of pancakes and sausage. Cindy runs downstairs to find Berg and Kyle making breakfast. She laughs nervously and asks who let them in, and Berg tells her that she did, and that she gave him a key. Ellie comes in and gives Kyle a hug. Berg asks if Cindy will give him a hug, and she says she will only if the pancakes are good. They are good, and she ends up hugging Berg. That night, there is a game against Montreal, and Cindy goes with Ellie to watch. Berg scores and is then hit in the head by another player, getting knocked out, causing Cindy to cry out in horror.

Suddenly a security guard appears and tells Cindy that Berg will probably want her to be there for him, which she agrees to. She rushes to the waiting ambulance, where Berg is lying on a stretcher being treated. She murmurs for him to be okay, which causes him to stir. He weakly comments that she came, and Cindy nods, noticing that he is in pain. She tells him to rest, which he does. For the next week Cindy goes to visit Berg in the hospital, playing board games and watching movies to try and lift his spirits. One day she is sent out and protests to the nurse, who tells her that she must leave. She asks why, and is horrified to hear that Berg is going to need an operation.

Cindy is then seen sitting in the hospital hallway with Ellie and Kyle, all of whom are clearly anxious. Cindy asks if Berg will be okay, and Kyle weakly reassures her that he'll be fine. Soon a nurse appears and states that Berg is awake and asking for them. Cindy jumps to her feet and rushes to Berg's room, where she notices that he is pale with rosy cheeks. Cindy urgently asks if he's alright, which he reassures he is. Cindy promises him that he'll get better.

Four months after the incident, Berg has recovered. One day, there is a fans vs players charity game, and Cindy thinks of how she and Ellie are too young to participate. Suddenly she notices Noley on the fans team, and quickly averts her gaze to her phone to pretend she hadn't noticed. Ellie taps her and asks if it's Noley, and Cindy stammers that it must be her imagination. She turns her attention back to the game and watches in horror as Noley cross checks Kyle and the two begin to fight. Cindy thinks to herself that she knows this isn't about the game, but that they're fighting for Ellie. Ellie rushes away, but Cindy stays to support Berg and decides that she will recount the fight later. Once the fight ends, Cindy goes to find Ellie, and tells her that the fight has ended. She tells her how Kyle won, and Ellie worriedly asks if they're alright. Cindy reassures her that they're fine and only need stitches, and leads her back to the seats to cheer on Berg. When they get back, Kyle and Noley sit down on either side of Ellie, and Cindy grows worried. Cindy watches as another fight breaks out and Ellie leaves, crying.

Cindy goes to Ellie's house to check on her, and is about to knock on the door when she receives a text. She notices it's Berg, and the two decide that it is best to give Ellie some time alone. They then decide to go on a date, and Cindy hurries home to get ready. When Berg arrives at her house, he tells her she looks gorgeous, and Cindy retorts that she knows. She uncertainly asks if Berg is sure it's okay to leave Ellie on her own, which he promises it is. The two then drive off, and Cindy thinks of how she has no idea where they're going.

The two then arrive at a fancy restaurant, and Cindy notices all the girls looking at Berg, one even blowing him a kiss. The two get to their table and Berg immediately asks Cindy if she and Ellie would be willing to play for the Sens in their next game. Cindy is shocked and thinks that Berg is crazy, thinking of how she is only twelve and has never played hockey. She then decides that it could be fun and agrees to play. Berg promises that they will be on the same line and that he will protect her. The rest of the night the two eat dinner and then go shopping for Cindy's new hockey equipment. Once they finish their shopping, Cindy hugs Berg goodbye and leaves to work out before the game.

When the time comes for the game, Cindy and Ellie join the team at the arena. The two arrive in the dressing room and Cindy worriedly wonders if the team will undress in front of them. She goes to the washroom and chances into her jersey, wearing number 13. Soon the time comes for warm up, and Cindy leads the team onto the ice. She skates around taking shots, and then stops to stretch with Berg, Ellie and Kyle. Cindy looks up and notices that the four of them are on the big screen, and she hopes that her family is watching. After the warm up finishes, Cindy and the team return to the dressing room for a pep talk, then return to the ice for the game. Cindy's line is starting, and she plays right wing. Moments into the game, Berg passes Cindy the puck and she is hit by an opposing player, falling to the ice unconscious.

Cindy comes to when she is being carried off the ice on a stretcher, and quickly proves that she is okay, despite her heavily bleeding nose. Berg hurries over and apologizes for passing her a 'suicide pass', but she assures him that it's okay and she can now prove to the other team that she's not weak. The game continues and the Senators win, with Cindy scoring a goal and two assists. She is excited when she is asked to join the team for their next game. When she returns to the dressing room, she notices that Kyle has left a note at Ellie's stall, and wonders what it says. After reading that Kyle has asked Ellie to be his girlfriend, Cindy is sure that she will say yes.

Cindy is shocked the next day when Ellie tells her no, and argues that he is really nice and loves her. She asks if this is about Noley, and states that he likes Amy now. Ellie understands, but instead says that she likes somebody else named Jonathan. Cindy is shocked and asks how it is possible. She then urges Ellie not to tell anyone, without realizing that Berg has come over. Ellie agrees, and Berg asks what they aren't telling anyone. Cindy is unsure what to say but tells him that it's private, though Ellie quickly states that her grandmother has died. Cindy is relieved, and thinks that Ellie is a quick thinker. She then thinks of how it hurts to lie to Berg, but that she's doing it for her friend, which makes it okay.

At the team's next practice, Berg asks Cindy to tell him. She is unsure what he means, and he explains that he knows Ellie's grandmother didn't die. Cindy states that sadly it isn't about Noley either, and Berg becomes excited, assuming that Ellie no longer likes Noley and can now date Kyle. Cindy says she wishes it were that easy, but that Ellie likes somebody else. Berg and Cindy then wonder if Ellie just doesn't want to date Kyle.

One day, at another practice, Cindy notices a girl watching. After the practice finishes, the girl approaches Berg as he and Cindy are getting off the ice, flirtatiously asking if she can talk to him. Cindy offers to come with Berg, which annoys the girl. She asks who Cindy is, and Berg answers that she's his girlfriend. The girl snaps that it would be better if Cindy didn't come, which Cindy simply shrugs at and leaves. She thinks to herself that even though she is calm, she can tell that this girl views her as an obstacle to demolish.

Once Cindy returns from the dressing room, she finds Berg and the girl talking happily. She is shocked to learn that the girl, revealed to be named Megan, has tricked Berg into going on a date with her to Harvey's. Cindy agrees to go with them, and notices the look of hatred in Megan's eyes. The three arrive at the restaurant and have burgers. Megan tries to flirt with Berg, but he speaks to Cindy about a hockey play. Cindy grows angry when Megan tells her she has no future in hockey, but Berg defends her. Megan then asks to speak with Berg and leads him away. After ten minutes Cindy grows concerned, and goes to find Berg and Megan kissing. She yells at them and storms away, distraught.

As Cindy walks home Berg tries to text her but she ignores him, thinking of how he's a jerk. Ellie then texts her, and Ellie insists that Berg is perfect for her. Cindy isn't sure, and Ellie leaves her to think on her own. Cindy is shocked that she won't help and continues to walk in silence. Suddenly a car pulls over to reveal Amy, who has somehow received a license at the age of thirteen. She offers Cindy a ride, who accepts and gets in. Cindy tells her what happened and Amy promises everything will be okay. Cindy gets dropped off at home to find that Ellie is there. She states that there's another visitor, and Cindy turns to see Berg. Cindy refuses to talk to him, and Berg looks up at the sound of her voice. Cindy notices how broken he looks, and thinks it's almost sad, but reminds herself that she can't feel. bad for him. She yells at him not to speak to her and rushes away to her room. Berg follows and tells her that he doesn't want forgiveness, just for her to understand that it wasn't him. Cindy ignores him, but before he can leave states that they're over.

Ellie enters her room next and tells her that Berg was actually crying before he left. Cindy snaps that he can cry all he wants. Ellie asks if she should tell him that, and Cindy admits that she doesn't know, as she still cares about him. Ellie promises that things will get better, and Cindy agrees.

At practice the next day, Megan is there and sneers a greeting at Cindy, who in turn simply punches her in the face. Megan throws herself at Berg, who pushes away and hurries after Cindy. She ignores him and slams a door in his face, hurriedly changing into her equipment. When she skates onto the ice, she notices that she gave Berg a black eye, though her opinion on this is not stated. She overhears that Ellie and Kyle are going camping together, and thinks of how that could've been her and Berg. After the team stretches, Berg skates after Cindy. The two talk and Cindy tells him that she's over him, though she knows this isn't true.

That night, there is a game. Cindy thinks with discomfort that Berg is on her line, and when the game starts, Berg passes her the puck. She realizes with shock that he is doing the play they had discussed at Harvey's, and decides to go along with it. The play results in Cindy scoring, and she can't help but smile as Berg and her teammates hug her.

After the game, the team goes to a restaurant at the arena for milkshakes to celebrate their win. Cindy sits down in a booth and Berg sits beside her, greeting her by calling her 'Dee'. Cindy tells him not to call her that, and he gets up angrily. Cindy calls out to him and tells him his play worked, but Berg brushes her off. She quickly apologizes and says the only reason she had been so cold was because she thought he'd chosen Megan over her. Berg promises that he would never choose Megan over Cindy, and she happily thinks that they are back together again.

Two days later, after going for a walk, Cindy and Berg run into Megan. Cindy screams at her and begins to fight her, while both Berg and Megan beg her to stop. Berg pulls Cindy off and demands to know what she's thinking. Megan insists that she had only come to apologize, though Cindy knows this isn't true. Berg becomes angry, and Cindy insists that she didn't mean to. Berg explains that he can't be with someone so violent, and Cindy accepts this, walking away heartbroken. When Cindy gets to her house, she is surprised to find Kyle there. He anxiously asks if Ellie likes Jonathan, and Cindy sadly tells him she does. She hugs him and insists that she'll always be there for him, hen wonders if she means this as more than a friend.

At the next team practice, Cindy ignores Berg while Kyle ignores Ellie, and the two do everything together. Cindy notices that Berg constantly looks over at her, then at Megan, and she wonders what she's going to do about Megan. Suddenly, Ellie skates over and asks what she's doing. Cindy is confused by this, and Ellie asks why she's flirting with Kyle. Cindy is shocked and denies this, but Ellie angrily insists it's obvious, and that just because she isn't with Berg doesn't mean she can have Kyle. Cindy then retorts that it's clear Ellie likes Jonathan, and that Kyle knows. She quickly skates away to Kyle. He is confused and asks why Ellie was so angry, and after some prying Cindy admits that she has some feelings for Kyle. Kyle is surprised, then admits that he feels the same way.

Later, Ellie is seen screaming at Cindy, who has revealed that she and Kyle have feelings for each other. Cindy apologizes repeatedly, but Ellie snaps that it would be like her dating Berg. Cindy says that would be different, and Ellie storms off. Kyle soon appears at Cindy's house, and Cindy explains what had happened. He offers to talk to Ellie, but Cindy knows that wouldn't end well. The doorbell rings and Cindy opens it to see Berg, who has come to apologize. She is horrified and Kyle hurries over, which confuses Berg. The two then reveal their feelings for each other, and Berg leaves dejectedly. Kyle states that he thought Berg knew, and Cindy can't think of a response. She feels bad for Kyle and thinks of how nice he is, but knows she loves Berg. The two then decide not to pursue their feelings.

The next day after practice, Cindy runs out of money for her taxi and is forced to walk the rest of the way. A car stops and offers her a ride, and she turns to see that the driver is Berg. She reluctantly gets in and the two drive in silence. Once at her house Berg walks her to the door. Berg then asks Cindy to forgive him, and she does. She asks if this means they can be together again, but Berg reveals that he's with Megan. Cindy nods numbly and says goodbye, crying when she gets inside her house. Suddenly her phone bings, and she sees that Megan has accidentally texted her, revealing that she is cheating on Berg. Cindy rushes out the door and calls to Berg, who is getting in his car. She warns him that she will always be there to talk to, and then shows him the texts. Cindy apologizes and says she knows how Berg feels for Megan, but he cuts her off by saying that he made a mistake. He then hugs her and says he wants to be with her. Cindy is shocked and asks if he really does, even after all she'd done. Berg promises he does. The two go inside to watch TV together, but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Cindy answers and is pulled onto the porch by Megan, who promises that she will find a way to end her and Berg's relationship. Cindy makes her leave and returns inside, where she tells Berg what Megan say.

Not long after, another knock comes and Cindy answers to see Amy, who has a bloody nose. Cindy lets her in, shocked, and Amy explains that she was coming to visit and ran into Megan, so she fought her off. Cindy thanks her and helps her with the bleeding, while Berg gets her a glass of water. The three then sit down to watch TV together, happy.

A week later, Cindy and Berg are driving to Dairy Queen when Berg receives a text. Berg explains that the manager wants to see him, and offers her to join him. Cindy happily agrees, but Berg warns her that it's bad news. The two arrive at the office, but the manager stops Cindy from entering. Cindy is angry and insists that she should come in, but eventually gives up. After a while, Berg exits and promises Cindy that whatever happens next, he's sorry. Cindy asks what's wrong, but Berg refuses to tell her until he's told Kyle. Cindy is hurt by this and asks why, and Berg explains that Kyle has nobody he's close to but him, and he wants Kyle to feel like he's cared for. Cindy is touched by this and understands. The two drive to Kyle's house and Berg tells him the news, and Cindy watches as Kyle has tears in his eyes when he says goodbye.

Cindy and Berg go to a restaurant to break the news, and Berg reminds her that it's bad news. Cindy nods and prepares herself for the worst. Berg then reveals that he has been traded to Anaheim. Cindy's jaw drops and she begins to cry, while Berg says he's sorry. Berg puts his arm around her, but Cindy shakes it off, and says that when he gets to Anaheim, there will be tons of girls who want him. Berg promises that he would never do that, but Cindy sarcastically replies that's why they've broken up multiple times. She also points out that she's much too young for him, and things would never work out in the long run. Berg grows angry and states that it's fine, but they're over for good. He storms out of the restaurant, leaving Cindy alone.

Weeks later, the time comes for Berg to leave. Cindy joins Ellie, Kyle and Amy at the airport. The book ends as Berg goes toward security, turns, and tells Cindy that things will never be over, and that he will thrust and bust and never stop until he gets what he wants.

Camp GUA Arc Edit

Camp GUA Edit

Cindy is a Camp GUA counsellor, first mentioned by Amy when the counsellors are being assigned their Nightwatch partners. She shows displeasure that Benton has forgotten to assign her a Nightwatch group, at which Benton waves her away. She then grumbles to Anne and walks away, the two being mentioned as inseparable.

She is briefly mentioned to be distracting the campers with campfire songs, along with Anne, when Camp SHHS are on their way.

Cindy is later seen by Hanne, armed with a Nerf N-Strike Elite, ready to fire at any Camp SHHS counsellors.

Benton, overheard by Amy, assigns her and Anne to guard the dock.

Soon, when Amy, Hanne, Jacqueline, and Hali are searching for the missing Camp SHHS spy, they come across Cindy and Eric kissing in the woods, revealing him to be the missing SHHS spy. Eric quickly runs away, leaving Cindy to answer to Amy and Hanne. Amy thinks in disbelief how Cindy had broken up with Eric long before the camp season started. She lashes out angrily, accusing Cindy of lying. Cindy responds emotionally, curling up and letting out sobs as she states that, yes, they did break up, but she had simply overheard him saying he still loved her. Hanne then explains that nobody would find out if she promised not to see him again. Cindy shakily agrees, though seems quickly recovered from her breakdown, stating that she simply likes to break the rules. She then sashays away, leaving Amy and Hanne confused.

When Hanne and Amy return to report their findings to Benton, Cindy is seen there too. When Benton asks if they found anything, Cindy is the one to tell him of Eric.

Later, when the counsellors are all setting out to attack Camp SHHS, Benton states that the Nightwatch counsellors must remain at camp. Anne, Bob, and Oscar, who are all on Nightwatch, let out groans. Cindy, on the other hand, is mentioned to look hopeful, and Hanne guesses that she is grateful not to have to attack Eric's camp.

Cindy is briefly mentioned by Hanne when she voices her confusion to Eric being gay, stating he had kissed Cindy earlier that afternoon.

Cindy has her own chapter, where she explains her true intentions when Hanne and Amy had caught her kissing Eric. She states that it was true, she had broken up with Eric long before camp started, but that it was only part of the story. She says how she was a spy for Camp SHHS, and had been giving Eric a paper with Camp GUA when she heard Amy and Hanne approaching. She says she quickly came up with the plan to kiss Eric, and transfer the paper from her mouth to his, then let him escape. She explains how she had always dreamt of taking Benton's place as Head Counsellor when he retires, but that she expected Amy to be his replacement. She says that, in turn for spying for Camp SHHS, she was promised the position of their next Head Counsellor. When she finishes her explanation, she admits that she was wrong, and her loyalty belonged to Camp GUA.

Shortly after, Amy is surprised by Cindy, thinking her to be Jacob. Cindy whispers that she wants to speak with Amy, and brings her to her cabin. The cabin is found to be empty, and Cindy tells Amy that Anne took the campers to make bracelets. After a moment of silence, she admits she has a confession, and tells Amy of her cahoots with Camp SHHS. Initially, Amy reacts aggressively, but Cindy explains her reasoning to spy, and convinces Amy she is on her side. Finishing her tirade, Cindy quickly adds that she now hates Eric, and Amy agrees. When Amy starts to cry, Cindy tries to comfort her, stating that she is now loyal, and there's no reason to be sad. Amy explains that it's not her, it's Jacob. Cindy admits her suspicions, believing Jacob's 'I love Amy' act to be too phony. Amy is shocked to hear Jacob loves her, and leaps to her feet to go speak with him. Cindy protests, asking Amy if she doesn't want to hear about her own crush. Amy leaves, stopping Cindy before she can say who it is. There is much fan speculation that the crush is in fact Jonathan.

When Hanne is captured by Camp SHHS, she is mentioned as 'that blonde bitch' by Eric, when Hanne asks who the Camp SHHS spy is. Hanne thinks in horror that she is a traitor. As Aref and Nick are leaving, Nick is heard asking Aref if Cindy is seeing anyone, to which Aref responds that he doesn't know.

She is seen by Hanne when Benton orders her and Amy to guard Nick and Aref, Camp GUA's two new prisoners. Hanne silently voices her disapproval that Cindy should be watching the prisoners, seeing as she is still a traitor in Hanne's eyes.

When she and Amy are guarding Aref and Nick, she whispers that she finds Nick hot. When Nick asks if she was the girl who was with Eric, she rolls her eyes and angrily replies that she never made out with him. Nick stumbles back, but admits that Eric was right, and she is 'hot tho'. When Aref asks when they can go home, Cindy says she doesn't know, and that they're all locked in the cabin. She is seen pressing herself against the wall in fear when Nick begins to undress. Later, she unties Nick from his chair, and the two escape out the window, leaving Amy and Aref to go find them. The two follow Cindy and Nick's trail to an old camp treehouse, where music and lights bursts from the windows. Amy climbs the ladder to find the two sitting at a table, eating watermelon in silence. Cindy welcomes her and Aref, inviting them to take a seat. Amy declines, urging them to join her and Aref as they go to spy on Camp SHHS. Cindy leads the way to the lake, where Nick protests their strategy, stating that they may as well walk into the camp asking to be captured and Cindy is seen nodding in agreement. Cindy decides that they need a plan, and the book ends with Amy thinking that they must kill Berg.

Lick of Love Arc Edit

Lick of Love Edit

The story takes place in the grade ten year, the first school year after Camp GUA. Cindy is first seen sitting at a cafeteria table with Amy. She is shown to be confused when Amy asks her if she knows what to do in the event of a lockdown. When Amy says that the solution is a gangbang, Cindy is shown to be visibly worried, and protests that nobody has agreed to the idea. When Amy's gaze travels across the room to Jacob, Cindy asks her who she's looking at, and teases Amy when she finds out it's Jacob. When Amy argues that it's not like Cindy has never had a crush, Cindy lies, stating that she hasn't. Amy then proceeds to list off all of Cindy's past crushes, and at the mention of Jonathan, Cindy is visibly upset. She hurries away, bumping straight into the aforementioned Jonathan. Out of shock and embarrassment, she yells at him, then continues on. She stops, however, when she sees Hanne entering the cafeteria crying, and follows to see what is wrong.

Cindy pulls out vegetables from her bag and slides them over to Amy, pulling out a Coffee Crisp for herself. When Hanne explains that she's upset because she just failed a test, Cindy asks to see the grade. Despite this, it is mentioned that she does not care about Hanne's feelings, but rather just likes conflict. Hanne passes her the test, at which Cindy rolls her eyes and slamming it down on the table, angrily yelling at Hanne. Cindy storms out, allowing Amy to look at the test. It is revealed that the grade is a 91%.

Later, when Amy enters her Religion class, she spots Cindy talking to Jacob. Amy is worried, wondering what Cindy may be telling her crush.

When the class is placed into groups by Mr. Jurg, Cindy and Jon are partnered together, causing Cindy to panic at the idea of creating a skit on new life with her crush. She tensely sits down next to Jonathan, who tells her that he has big ideas for their skit. He then suggests that they mate for the class doggy style, or that she pretends to give birth to a cow. He then adds that whichever option she chooses, he would like to be God.

After Amy and Jacob present, Mr. Jurg announces it is time for Cindy and Jon to present. Jonathan then smacks his hands beside her ear and shoves her to the ground, chanting 'dom-in-ance'. Cindy feels both smitten and hollow inside, wondering if this is how new life really feels. When Mr. Jurg suggests Cindy make cow moans, she angrily gets to her feet, snapping that she is not doing that. She returns to her seat, with Jonathan following, where he happily states that they got an A+.

When a photo of Anne and Taylor is shown on the board, Cindy screams, covering her eyes. Mr. Jurg shoos her, along with the rest of the class, out into the hall and slams the door shut. Cindy suggests going and reporting Mr. Jurg to the principal, to which Amy, Jacob and Jonathan agree. The four head down to the office, where they are greeted by Vice Principal Berg. Cindy shivers in fear at the presence of Berg, likely because of their history.

She is seen exchanging a confused glance with Jonathan when Berg states that he needs his ants because he is horny. Cindy then vomits when Berg stands to reveal his naked lower half. When Berg threatens Jonathan, she gets up and stands in front of him defensively, demanding that Berg make them a deal. She suggests that in return for the four fetching his ants, he should listen to what they have to say about Jurg. Berg agrees. When the group gets into Berg's van to find Drew and Rach, Cindy states that they live in Utah.

Cindy asks where they will sleep, as they don't have any money. She then questions why they are even going all the way to Utah. When Jonathan makes a sexual remark about Cindy, she is shown to be uncomfortable, and asks that he doesn't talk about her that way. Jonathan pretends not to know what Cindy is talking about, to which she becomes annoyed and tells him to just forget it.

Later, when Cindy makes a joke, Jonathan tells her that she is funny and gives her the name Cindybug. Cindy asks what that means, then is later shown to be asleep. When Jacob asks where they are, Jonathan takes Cindy's phone from her hand and manages to unlock it, revealing that they are in Colombus, Ohio. When Jacob tells Jonathan to wake Cindy up, Jonathan screams the lyrics to Girls by the Beastie Boys in her ears. Cindy wakes up abruptly and begins to sob, begging Jonathan to stop.

When the group enters the hotel, named The Cannon, Cindy points out that it is named after the Columbus Blue Jackets, to which the receptionist agrees. When Jonathan requests a single room for the four of them, she doesn't say anything, but is clearly uncomfortable. Upon finding out that the room is a combination of a family and honeymoon suite, Cindy is said to be saddened. When Jacob crawls into the crib with no clothes on, she and Amy exchange a terrified look. Later, she is seen shaking in fear as Jonathan strips down. Despite this, both she and Amy get into the bed with him, although they make sure to stay as far away as possible.

The next morning, after eating breakfast at Your Mom's Dick™, Cindy suggests taking out the seats of the van when Jacob complains that it is too cramped. She quietly adds that she hopes she will fall and break her neck. The group all agree with her idea and remove all but the driver's seat.

When the group reaches Indiana, Cindy screams at Amy to stop the van and slams on the handbrake, which angers the latter. Amy scolds Cindy, stating that they could have crashed. Cindy simply shrugs her off and points out the window to a building reading 'Fortune Telling: Find Your Future'. Cindy leads Jacob and Jonathan into the building, while Amy follows reluctantly. When it comes to Cindy's turn to receive her fortune, Jonathan shoves her out of her chair so he can go first. Cindy says nothing about this. When her turn does come, the fortune teller praises her patience, and then reads to her what would later become the opening words to Le Secret de Cindy.

Cindy tries to figure out what the words mean, but can find no explanation, and becomes angry. She grabs Jacob and Jonathan and pulls them back to the van, where Amy is waiting. When she gets into the car, she angrily tells Amy to continue driving. Amy then tells her she told her so, which further angers Cindy. She snaps that now is not the time, causing Jonathan and Jacob to cover their ears. The two then sit in front of her, curious as to what the fortune teller told her that made her so angry. Cindy admits that she doesn't know, and apologizes for snapping.

After ten more hours, the group arrives in Kansas City, and stops at a Cracker Barrel Motel for the night. Much to Cindy and Amy's horror, Jonathan once again requests a single room. This time, it is not a honeymoon suite. Cindy sits down on the bed and watches as Jacob begins to eat cheese off the walls. She quickly follows Amy outside to sleep in the van. The next morning, she and Amy return to the room to find Jacob unconscious on the floor. Regardless, they go down to the buffet for breakfast. Jonathan and Amy both eat milk, vanilla pudding and mayonnaise. Cindy chooses not to eat after watching Jacob vomit six litres of cheese and bile. Suddenly, Cindy receives a call, and answers to find that it is Berg. She is horrified when he informs her that the food Amy and Jonathan were eating had been switched to Mr. Jurg's semen. She screams at him that he's a sicko and hangs up, visibly shaken. Cindy considers telling Jonathan and Amy, then decides that they deserve to know. The two immediately panic, and struggle to heave the vile stuff back up. Cindy orders them to pull it together and points out that Jacob may die. Taking charge, she picks Jacob up and carries him to the van. On the way, he pukes on her, much to her disgust. She exclaims that he needs medical attention, and is confused as to why nobody had realized. When the group reaches a hospital, Cindy carries Jacob to reception, and explains that he ate fifty pounds of drywall. When the receptionist states that he is going to die, Cindy is heavily angered and begins to scream at her.

When Amy decides that they need the help of Aref, Cindy groans and asks for her to stop talking about him. Amy ignores her and decides to call him anyway, causing Cindy to become angry. Shortly after, Cindy starts to cry when Aref winks at her. She and Jonathan watch in horror as Aref makes out with Jacob who is being held down by Amy. Cindy gently suggests that they should stop, as Jacob seems fine now. When Aref finishes, Cindy urges them to continue on and drags Amy back into the van. When Amy sits down on a dildo, Cindy loses her temper and snaps that she is done with the 'fucked up, perverted mission'. Jonathan agrees, but Cindy states that he's not allowed to agree, because he is just as weird after what he did in the honeymoon suite. Only then does she realize that Jonathan looks strange, and that his skin is oddly stretched. Jonathan then reveals that he is Merg in disguise, stating that he switched out Jonathan the morning before their religion presentations, and that the real Jonathan is simply in the trunk of the van. Cindy shudders at the thought that she had done her presentation with Merg, but quickly rushes to the trunk. She takes out a saxophone and pulls Jonathan out.

In the car, some time after Jonathan and Merg were discovered, Cindy reveals to Aref that Amy likes him. Amy is horrified by this, and angry at Cindy. The group then decides to stop at an iHOP. When a waitress tries to take Jonathan's order, Cindy orders her away, jealous of her. She then explains to Jonathan that they must retrieve Berg's ants, or else he won't listen to their complaints about Mr. Jurg.

When the group finishes their meals, Cindy stops Merg from entering the van, telling him that he's not welcome to come with them. When Merg resists, Cindy asserts that he won't be joining them. Merg then reveals a knife, thrusting it towards Cindy to kill her. She watches helplessly as Jacob jumps in front of her and is stabbed instead. He dies instantly, and Cindy quickly gets into the van, slamming the door shut. Cindy is angered when Amy announces that she officially has a crush on Aref.

When Jonathan suggests stopping at a motel, Cindy anxiously wonders if he will be better at getting rooms than Merg was. After Aref asks for two looks and casts a wink at Amy, Cindy and Jonathan exchange a concerned look.

When Aref comes to her and Jonathan's room, he finds Jonathan naked. Jonathan tells him that Cindy is in the shower, so they don't have to worry about clothes. Cindy, meanwhile, is getting ready in the bathroom. When she exits to find both Jonathan and Aref naked, she screams and hurries next door to Amy's room. When Amy mistakes her for Aref and denies her sex, Cindy groans and corrects her, saying she simply needs a place to sleep. The two then fall asleep, knowing the next day would be a rough day.

Later that night, when Jacob returns for revenge on Aref, Cindy comes with Amy and Jonathan to see what the commotion is. She is sitting on Jonathan's shoulders, and expresses surprise that Jacob is alive. When Jacob runs away, Jonathan accidentally drops Cindy onto him, which in turn crushes him. Cindy then returns to Amy's room. When Amy and Aref return to have sex, Cindy stops them and tells them to have a gangbang elsewhere. Her words summon Nick, who then partakes in a gangbang with Amy and Aref. Cindy quickly leaves and returns to the other room. She asks Jonathan if Jacob is okay, showing concern for her friend. The two then sit down next to Jacob and study his hair. Cindy explains that she thinks he uses Herbal Essences. Cindy then picks up Jacob and throws him into the bathtub.

When she and Jonathan realize that they can hear the moans from the room next door, they decide to put an end to it. She suggests throwing a firecracker into the room, and it is mentioned that this is what she does whenever Marie and Geoff perform sexual acts. When Amy, Aref and Nick exit the room, Cindy urges them to continue on, and leads everyone to the van.

When Nick hits on Cindy, she is shown to be confused and uncomfortable, and states that she wasn't part of the gangbang. When Amy points out that she would never sleep with a relative of Maria, Cindy corrects her and states that she would sleep with Geoff. Amy agrees with her, and concedes that he is a sex god. When Jonathan wonders how they are to get the ants and suggests ringing the doorbell and asking for them, Cindy sweetly tells him that he's an idiot.

The group then arrives at Drew and Rach's house, and changes into their spy uniforms, which are morph suits. Cindy's morph suit is hot pink. The four hurry into the house through the backdoor, and Cindy is surprised to find that Drew and Rach aren't home. Aref becomes angry at her, saying that if they are home they will hear her. The two stand face to face, staring angrily at each other. Jonathan comes to Cindy's defence, and the three then join Amy in the search for the ants. When the distant howling of a man is heard, Cindy lets out a gasp and realizes that Drew and Rach are in fact home. She quickly grabs Jonathan and pulls him into a cupboard to hide.

The man howling is revealed to be Drew. Drew stuffs a baby into the cupboard where, unbeknownst to him, Cindy and Jonathan are hiding. When Drew leaves with Amy and Aref, Cindy bursts from the cupboard and anxiously tells Jonathan that they need to save their friends. Jonathan agrees and points out the baby they now have. Cindy suggests naming it, and agrees to Jonathan's name of Galatno Flatnus. The two then hurry towards where they had seen Drew disappear.

Cindy and Jonathan are soon discovered by Drew, who vows he will catch them. Cindy screams at him to leave them alone as he chases them, but Drew counters that he must hump them. Cindy begs Jonathan to throw Galatno at him, and is shown to be annoyed when Jonathan argues that she is their daughter now. She reluctantly agrees, but points out that they need to throw Drew off their trail. She lets out a wail when Drew's frothing spit sprays her heels. Cindy quickly follows Jonathan into an office, where they find Berg's ants.

She and Jonathan show fear when they realize they are trapped, and she expresses confusion when Drew asks if they would like to be humped. When Amy and Aref save them, she quietly whispers that they must go, and is said to be scarred from what she has been through.

The van soon reaches the school, and the four hurry inside to Berg's office. When Berg tries to avoid conversation, Cindy snaps that they made a deal and need to talk. She, Jonathan and Berg enter his office, with Amy and Aref trailing behind. She is shown to be crying as Berg masterbates to his ants and Jacob has returned. When Berg admits that he thought Aref was Jacob, Cindy informs him that he is wrong, which leads Aref to introduce himself to Berg. She is shown to be excited when Berg decides to fire Mr. Jurg.

The next day, she and Amy return to religion class together. She waves warmly to Jonathan, Jacob and Aref, the latter having transferred to their school. Cindy then questions who their new supply teacher will be, and turns to the door when the ground starts to shake. The new teacher is revealed to be Ms. Bruce.

Penises for the Powerful Edit

Cindy is first seen when Ms. Bruce separates the class into two teams for soccer. She is on a team along with Jonathan and Jacob, against Amy and Aref. She is shown to be worried by Jacob's aggression towards Aref. She then scores a goal in the game. Aref is shocked that she had taken the ball from him, and runs to get it back from her, but is intercepted by Jacob. Cindy watches with her jaw dropped as Jacob attacks Aref. Before she has a chance to return her attention to the game, the ball is stolen from her by Oscar. She shrieks for Jonathan to stop Oscar from scoring, but watches in horror as he is plowed to the ground by Oscar. She screams angrily at Oscar and tackles him before he has a chance to shoot. She then punches him until he is bleeding, and skips away to continue the soccer game, much to the admiration of Jonathan.

Cindy is later seen to exchange a knowing glance with Amy in a mutual agreement that Jonathan and Aref are hot. She then shakes her head and wonders what's going on as Jacob has a tantrum on the ground. Cindy screams when Amy throws Jonathan out of the van, and it is mentioned that she has grown protective of him. She defends him by saying that he is now sixteen, and that he can drive too. When Jacob tries to get into the van as it drives, Cindy asks if they should let him in. When everyone says no, she grabs his hand and flips him onto the ground.

When Amy announces that they are going to IKEA, Cindy and Jonathan high five excitedly. The two of them had always wondered who could fit the most plastic balls down a person's throat, and IKEA has a ball pit. When they arrive at IKEA, Jonathan announces that he is hungry. Cindy hits him, and warns that he must stay focused, or they can't achieve their goal. The two then hurry to the ball pit.

Some time later, Cindy is mentioned to have pinned down a boy by the name of Gillies, and stuffed exactly ninety-six balls down his throat. She beats Jonathan's previous record of three. Cindy modestly tells him that it was easy, since Gillies' throat is lubricated. Jonathan tells Cindy that he finds her skills impressive, and Cindy thanks him. They then begin to break dance.

It turns out that the two were doing a handshake rather than dancing. Jacob suddenly appears, and compliments them on their handshake. Cindy thanks him, and tosses Gillies towards him. She then joins Jonathan to play with some five year olds in the ball pit. When Jacob is being chased by Amy, he hides beneath Cindy and Jonathan in the ball pit. When Jonathan is pinched by Jacob, she angrily pulls him out of the ball pit and throws him out the large IKEA window. This angers Amy, who claims it was her job to do that. When Aref decides that it is time to leave, both Cindy and Jonathan become upset, as it has only been twenty minutes. Unwilling to cooperate, Amy and Aref carry them back to the van. When Taylor and Kyle appear and try to force Amy and Jacob together, Cindy looks at her nails to prevent herself from laughing. After Kyle tries to ride Jonathan like a horse, Cindy rolls her eyes and thinks of how lame it is.

Berg then appears, causing Cindy to become uncomfortable. When Aref asks if they can trust him, she angrily tells him no. Cindy then turns to Berg and coldly asks what he wants, using his first name of Jakob. Berg plays innocent, causing Cindy and Amy to exchange a wary glance. When Berg, Jacob and Kyle engage in a threesome, Cindy smartly looks away before she sees anything. The group then decides to travel to Sweden.

At the airport, they come across Kyle and Jacob engaging in sexual conduct. Cindy cusses in disgust. When Amy tries to sell Kyle for money to buy tickets, Cindy weakly tries to support her. When Mr. Jurg offers to pay for their tickets if one of them performs fellatio on him. While the group panics, Cindy remains calm and agrees. Amy begs her not to, at which Cindy points out that she won't, but Kyle will. Cindy passes him over to Mr. Jurg, and demands the money. When Jurg accidentally hands her a dildo, Cindy shrieks and throws it across the airport. When he hands her a briefcase of three billion dollars, the other three rush to her side to see if it is true, which it is.

Once on board the plane, Cindy happily sits down in her seat. She screams as Aref picks her up and throws her out of the seat and into the wall of the plane. She shakily gets up and goes to sit beside Jonathan, who treats her broken arm by giving her his old cast. She sighs sadly as she notices that nobody had signed his cast.

In Sweden, the group decides to go to a restaurant. Cindy grabs a menu from the waitress and, in a terrible Swedish accent, demands meatballs. Once they are served their food, she and Amy begin to pray like they were taught at Camp GUA. When Jonathan bikes away from them, she runs after him and turns his bike into a tandem bike. She orders him to stop, which sends her flying onto her broken arm. She painfully pulls herself onto her feet and climbs aboard the bike. It is noted that she makes no effort to pedal, as she suffers from a broken arm and a concussion.

When the group reaches Jonathan's house, he throws Cindy into the backyard, likely to protect her from his mother. She crashes into the fence in his backyard and is knocked unconscious. When she comes to, she is lying in a hotel bed next to Jonathan, who is asleep. Cindy slowly gets out of bed so not to wake Jonathan, but he quickly pulls her into a tight hug. Cindy then wonders what happened the night before, and demands that Amy tell her.

She soon realizes that they have returned to Sweden, and firmly repeats that she deserves to know what had happened. When nobody answers, she asks if they want her to get angry. Jonathan refuses to tell her, and she flips him to the ground. When Amy finishes explaining the previous night's events, Cindy realizes that not only is she confused, but she is now scared as well.

Cindy and Amy leave the hotel, only to realize that it is Hump Day, a Swedish tradition in which all men and boys must hump any girl they see. Cindy quietly curses when she realizes that they forgot to bring their thrust bubbles, which act as protection. Cindy decides that the two must buy some as soon as possible. When Amy slams the hotel door and wakes up all the boys nearby, Cindy begins to yell at her, though she isn't angry, just disappointed. The two run through the town in a vain attempt to escape any attacks, but soon find themselves cornered. Cindy worriedly wonders if it is the end, when suddenly a chopping sound is heard from above. Cindy wails that it is probably more men, only to see that it is Taylor riding in a helicopter, driven by Oscar. Upon seeing him, Cindy and Amy both scream, but are reassured by Taylor that he is gay and won't hump them. Cindy and Amy jump anyways, and land in a lake. When she realizes that Taylor has died in the crash, Cindy becomes emotional and starts to cry, screaming at Amy and blaming her. Eventually Amy calms her and brings her to a store that sells thrust bubbles. After the cashier refuses to allow Amy to take the thrusts bubbles for three, Cindy threatens to let boys into the shop if she doesn't give them the bubbles. The two return to their hotel room to find Aref and Jonathan. They are surprised that the two boys aren't taking part in Hump Day, and shudder when Jonathan mentions that Berg invented the day. The four then return home in their thrust bubbles.

After returning home, Cindy curses in the realization that they forgot their luggage. When Amy hails a taxi, Cindy asks where they are going. Amy simply states home, and Cindy shrugs, hailing her own taxi to return home. The next day, when Cindy arrives at school, Jonathan tells her and the others that he has a hockey game. Cindy asks if she can play, and is shown to be disappointed when Jonathan tells her no. Upon arriving at his game, at the Canadian Tire Centre, she finds that the entire arena is sold out. She loudly cheers on Jonathan. Cindy lets out a fearful gasp when she notices Berg is on the team Jonathan is playing against. After having a minor argument with Amy about Berg, the two high five to show they still like each other. When they turn their attention back to the game, Jonathan is being attacked by Berg. Cindy bolts to her feet, grabs Amy, and rushes to the stairs. When Amy asks where they're going, Cindy simply tells her that she'll see. Moments later, they reach the dressing room and suit up in hockey gear. The two then debate how to get back at Berg. Cindy doesn't approve of Amy's idea of humping him, and suggests getting Taylor's dead body to rape him. The two continue their argument on the ice and begin to push each other, causing the other players to join in.

Jonathan's team wins the game, and once they reach the dressing room, he rips off his equipment to reveal ordinary clothing underneath. Cindy muses that it's sexy. When Aref joins them in the dressing room, they decide to take a picture with the trophy Jonathan's team won. When Ricky, the boy taking their photo, begins to panic, the group realizes that Berg was naked in their dressing room.

The next day, Cindy is seen wearing a gray t-shirt, leggings and her moccasins. She groans when she sees that Jonathan is wearing a gray t-shirt too. During O-Canada, Cindy and Amy stand respectfully still. She is then assigned by Ms. Bruce to work with Jonathan on a presentation of their choice. When Ms. Bruces asks if they are dating yet, she shakes her head.

While the rest of the class work on their projects, Cindy and Jonathan sit back to back. Cindy begs for him to answer her, but when she tries to turn around he forces her back to facing the other way. Aref comes over and asks her what's wrong, to which she states that Jonathan won't work, and threatened to destroy the class. She claims that she's doing a public service by listening to him. Aref asks her how it makes her feel, to which she quietly states that she feels alone. Suddenly Jonathan turns around and declares that he loves Cindy, causing her to smile.

Jonathan later runs out of the class, and Cindy reluctantly goes to get him. Instead, she runs into Geoff, who moans. Cindy stands frozen in shock, then quickly runs away, right past Jonathan.

When Berg confronts Jonathan, he states that he thought they'd settled things, and that Cindy was his now, which confuses Jonathan.

Geoff leaves after speaking to Amy, and Cindy warily peeks around the corner, asking if he's gone. Cindy then quickly herds Amy and Jonathan back into the class. Upon their arrival, Ms. Bruce announces that it is Cindy and Jonathan's turn to present. This horrifies the two, as they are not prepared, and Cindy quietly suggests they improvise. The two then scream the word 'Shalom' and begin their presentation. Cindy trips and falls to the ground, causing Ms. Bruce to gasp. Cindy then comes to the realization that Taylor is dead and she hasn't been home in days. She angrily declares that she is going home, and becomes enraged when Ms. Bruce stops her. She argues that she has been through more than Ms. Bruce knows, and explains all the events that have taken place. Ms. Bruce shakes her head and tells Cindy that her life has been a piece of cake, but that it's all going to change. Ms. Bruce then removes her costume to reveal that she is actually Eric, and tells Cindy that it's time for her to die.

Dick of Danger Edit

The book begins with Eric repeating his words from before, and he asks why Cindy isn't scared. Cindy shrugs and states that she's going home. She then leaves the class and walks past Amy. She tells Amy that she's going home, and reluctantly says yes when Amy asks if she'll see her tomorrow. It's noted that Cindy is tired of everyone thinking everything is normal. The next day, Cindy reluctantly goes to school only to see Jonathan. When she arrives at class, she asks Jonathan where Ms. Bruce is. When he asks who she means, Cindy angrily repeats Ms. Bruce's name, and it is said that she's reasonably angry. Jonathan points out that he doesn't think Ms. Bruce ever existed, and that it was always Eric dressed as her. Amy corrects him, stating that she has seen both Ms. Bruce and Eric in the same room. Soon Ms. Bruce arrives and greets the class by saying she hopes they treated their supply teacher well. Cindy angrily states that their supply teacher was a student dressed up as her.

Ms. Bruce announces that the class is going on a field trip to the museum, and Cindy sits at the back of the bus with Jonathan, across from Amy and Aref. She and Amy play the game concentration during the bus ride.

Upon arriving at the museum, Jonathan is kicked out of the dinosaur display for carrying drinks, so Cindy, Amy and Aref go on without him. The three later leave the exhibit and Jonathan catches up with them in the aquatics exhibit. Amy and Cindy see their friend Nicoletta by the turtles, and hurry over to see her. Suddenly Cindy sees Nicolette by the boat exhibit, and quickly alerts Amy. The two sprint away from the imposter Nicoletta. Unknown to the group, the imposter Nicoletta is actually Rach, who is after Jonathan and Cindy for stealing Isla Rose.

Jonathan and Cindy head over to study the toad exhibit, though not because they like toads. They struggle to block their virgin ears from the sounds of Amy and Aref having sex in the boat exhibit. When Amy and Aref finish, they emerge to find that Cindy and Jonathan have disappeared, and in their place lies a note from Rach. Cindy wakes up pressed against a glass floor, with Jonathan nearby. She tries to move, but hits her head on the glass. Looking down, she sees that she is 200-feet above the lobby, and realizes that she is in the jellyfish exhibit. She worriedly wonders how she will escape. Amy struggles to find Cindy and Jonathan, then spots them in the jellyfish exhibit. She watches in horror as Rach takes them from the exhibit and hurries away. Amy then vows to save her friends.

Amy and Aref escape their capture thanks to Claine, Cindy and Jonathan's son they created to bring their friends to them. Claire states that they did not conceive him, but rather draw him on paper. When Amy, Aref and Claine find a door, Amy swings it open and hears a scream. The scream belongs to Cindy, whose broken arm has just been hit with the door. When the lights go off and Sandstorm by Darude plays, along with laser beams and strobe lights, Cindy screams in fear and wonders what's going on. Cindy is also unknowingly wearing a shirt that reads Pink Peonies. Rach appears and demands that Amy and Aref fart in Cindy and Jonathan's mouths, at which nobody moves. Rach tells Cindy and Jonathan that she is going to punish Amy and Aref, and that Drew will punish them. Drew then enters the room and thrusts forward. Cindy looks away, sadness clouding her gaze. Drew leaves with Jonathan, leaving Cindy in the empty room. Suddenly, the floor turns to lava, apart from where Cindy is, and the walls begin to melt. Cindy dives towards the door before it melts, and squeezes through a small opening. She comes face to face with the rest of the group, as well as Drew and Rach humping each other. Cindy lets out a wail and tries to return to the lava, but the door has sealed. Aref begs for her to help them, but Drew stops her by picking her up. He is about to make her hump Aref when he is knocked to the ground. Cindy is thrown across the room but quickly gets to her feet to see Claine standing over Drew's now naked body. Cindy gasps her son's name and runs over to hug him. Cindy quietly tells him to go untie the others, and she gets up to finally fight Rach.

Rach cries as she scuttles down the hall in her six inch heels, with Cindy following powerfully behind in her white converse. Just as she is about to reach Rach, Rach turns around and shrieks Drew's name. Cindy freezes as she hears a thundering behind her, and turns to see a naked Drew running towards her. Cindy screams when Rach wraps her fingers around her throat, and realizes in horror that she is trapped. Rach then explains that Drew needs pleasure, but can she only have sex once a year. She then states that this is where Cindy comes in. Suddenly, Rach's grip loosens as she crumples to the ground. Oxygen deprived, Cindy turns around to see that Amy has stabbed Rach. Cindy exclaims that Amy has killed her and that she could go to jail. Amy agrees, but states that she saved Cindy's life. Cindy reluctantly agrees and turns to see that Drew has disappeared. Cindy looks up to see Drew hanging from the ceiling. Cindy screams as ants begin to rain down on her and Drew rips of a mask to reveal that he is in fact Berg. Berg scurries away, confusing Cindy and Amy. When a body falls from the ceiling, Cindy screams to get it off her. The body is revealed to belong to George Michael. Cindy nods respectively when she sees who it is. Cindy announces that the must mourn the hero, and cannot help it as tears stream down her face. Suddenly, without warning, the entire building of Sluts Huts crashes down on them.

Cindy briefly comes to and is greeted by a sharp, intense pain in her leg. She jolts sharply and hits her head on a piece of concrete, knocking herself out again.

When Aref returns with Berg, Cindy, along with Jonathan, is hoisted over Berg's shoulder and throws her into the back of a van driven by Rach. Amy awakens in the trunk of the van next to Jonathan, with Cindy lying unconscious between them. Amy smugly comments that she always knew Cindy was the weakest, which angers Jonathan and drives him to smack Amy's head against the wall and knock her out. She is then carried away with Jonathan by Berg.

Cindy awakens strapped to a ceiling next to Jonathan. When Berg calls Jonathan Jonesy, Cindy angry corrects him and calls him a monster. When Berg begins to masturbate, Cindy and Jonathan exchange a worried glance, unsure what to do. After Jonathan begins to scream, Cindy praises him and says that they should sing to drown out Berg's moans. They choose to sing Simple by iMovie, and unknowingly further pleasure Berg. The singing draws out Rach, Drew, Merg and Jurg. As the group go to leave, Rach makes eye contact with Cindy and angrily hisses her name. She demands for Cindy and Jonathan to give her back her daughter, and slams her hand on a red button which releases them from the ceiling. The two crash to the ground and stop singing. When Drew returns to warn that Amy, Jacob and Kyle are on their way, Cindy looks hopefully at Jonathan. Berg then rises and dresses, ordering Rach to punish Cindy and Jonathan. Cindy silently begs Amy to hurry.

Amy arrives at the house and bursts into the room containing Cindy, Jonathan and Rach. Jonathan and Cindy are tied to a pole, and Rach is dancing naked on the other. Cindy's eyes are squeezed shut to block out the sight of Rach's dancing. Rach turns to see Amy and demands that Cindy and Jonathan give back her daughter, referring to them as sluts. Amy corrects her, stating that they are both in fact virgins. Suddenly Rach grabs Cindy and Jonathan and sprints away, leading Amy to the roof of the house.

When Aref thrusts at Amy, Cindy questions him, seeming to have had enough of everything. In a fit of rage she pounces on Berg and begins to punch him, screaming at him and calling him a rapist. She only stops when she notices that he has a boner. Aref is shocked by her actions and chastises her for attacking Berg, whom he looks up to. He charges at Cindy and plans to knock her off the roof to her death. Cindy tenses in horror, when suddenly Jonathan jumps in front and takes the blow instead, tackling Aref. The two roll of the roof and Cindy lets out a scream, rushing to the edge. She states that they've vanished, her voice thick with emotion. When a hand appears over the edge of the roof, Cindy hopefully calls out Jonathan's name. Instead, Taylor appears, reincarnated by StarClan. Cindy asks her if she's seen Jonathan, which Taylor denies. Taylor uses an alphorn to blow Berg and his minions away, and the book ends by saying that it is time to start at the beginning, with Cindy's secret.

Le Secret de Cindy arc Edit

Le Secret de Cindy Edit

The book begins on the first day of grade eleven by repeating the fortune teller's words. Cindy then struts into the school and greets Amy and Hanne. Cindy gives each girl a hearty punch and greets them. Hanne then tells Cindy that she saw Eric, and Amy adds that she heard he's in Cindy's homeroom. Cindy becomes angered and asks why they're telling her this, stating that she doesn't like them. When Hanne argues that they thought she did, Cindy snaps not to. Deciding to put the rumours to rest, Cindy goes to find Eric, and spots him speaking to Jacob and Jason. She gently suggests that they talk, and asks him to follow her to Mr. Robin's class. Seeing him crying inside his class startles Cindy, and she spins around with a look of fear in her eyes. Eric angrily asks her what she wants, to which she replies that she must get back to Amy and Hanne. When Eric asks her what's wrong, she bitterly asks why he's even there. It is presumed that she has become upset over Jonathan's death, as she often does. He reminds her that she told him to come, and she nods, stating that they need to talk. She then coldly states that she hates him. Eric nods and says he loves her too, which causes her to punch him in the nose. She drags him back into Mr. Robin's class and sits down at her desk. Amy and Hanne walk in. When Eric's nose begins to bleed, Cindy begins to stutter an apology, with the help of Amy. Hanne encourages her to say sorry, which she slowly does. When Eric is surprised that she is, she quickly takes back her apology.

Later Cindy is seen arguing with Eric, when Dominic and Sacha arrive to duel for her heart. They greet her politely, and she is unaware of why they are going to duel. Cindy sits on her desk and watches eagerly as the two square off. Suddenly Anne arrives with One Direction, and Cindy is amazed to see Harry Styles. He greets her and states that he loves her, offering to bring her and her friends on tour with his band. Cindy eagerly agrees, and orders for the group to move out. In no time, she, Amy, Hanne, Anne, Russel, Eric, Jacob and One Direction are in the band's tour bus. Eric invites her to watch him to skateboard tricks, which she does reluctantly. Eventually she grows bored and knocks him off his skateboard, then learns she can play the guitar. When it comes time for One Direction to perform, Harry gathers everyone around him. He flips his hair, which Cindy mutters is hot. Harry then orders Cindy, Anne, Amy and Hanne to go onstage to perform. Cindy and the others high five before running onstage. They perform songs and successfully excite the crowd.

Anne then spots someone in the crowd and gets Cindy and Amy's attention. She points out Rach, and Cindy gasps in shock. When they look back out, Rach has disappeared, and Cindy states that she is gone. A shriek from somewhere backstage gets Cindy, Anne, Amy and Hanne's attention, and they follow it to the bathroom where Berg and Jurg are. Cindy then shoots Berg with a tranquilizer dart and kicks him to show that she is in charge. She demands to know what happened, then shoots Eric too. Together with Anne, Cindy stands guard of the Berg Brothers while Amy and Hanne hack into the stadium security system.

Suddenly the lights go out and Cindy hears bonking noises, said to be the sound of popcorn bowls hitting people's heads. She then notices that she can only hear herself breathing, and furiously wonders where everyone else went. Then a flashlight reveals the faces of Anne and Erik. With horror she realizes that they are going to knock her out. When the two chant Berg's chant, Cindy wonders if they are possessed. The two then go to attack Cindy, but she dodges them both and uses her old hockey playing skills to knock them out. Cindy hears a strangled cry for help and looks up in horror to find Amy strapped to the ceiling beside Berg. Cindy screams at him, wondering how he could do this, and Berg sneers that if she won't love him, he will take everyone she loves from her. She tries to throw pucks at him but misses. Cindy then watches as Rach appears and takes Amy away. Cindy screams that she could just make Berg into chilli, but looks up to find that he is gone. Cindy comforts Jacob when he wakes up and explains to Hannah that Amy is gone.

She then admits that Amy has probably been killed, and everyone agrees. The group, now consisting of Cindy, Hanne, Jacob, Anne, Eric, Marie, Russel and Jason, climb into a van, which is revealed to be driven by Joanna. Joanna drives them for six days before kicking them out and driving away. Once outside, a voice greets Cindy and she turns to see Amy and Berg. It is revealed that Berg is actually JZ and Felit in costume. Felit is quickly enamoured with Cindy, which upsets Anne and Marie, who both like him.

Cindy is in peril when Amy, who is revealed not to be the true Amy, but rather a bomb, latches onto her arm. Cindy screams knowing that if nobody helps she will die, but is saved by Eric, who throws himself onto the bomb. Cindy rushes to his side after the bomb explodes, fatally wounding him. He reveals that he loves her, and she admits that she doesn't feel the same way. Eric then dies, and Cindy leads the group to find and kill Berg.

After three days of unsuccessful searching, Cindy and Anne are both at a loss.

Later, when Berg returns, he orders his army of Frigs to kill everyone, but to leave Cindy as she's his. Cindy orders him to stop, and leave the fighting to the two of them, stating 'A nous deux, Jakob Silfverberg'. Berg then creates a mirage of Eric, and Cindy is overcome with guilt. She grows uncomfortable and collapses, as Berg goes in for the kill. Believing her to be dead, Felit declares his love, and Cindy comes to, unaware of what he said. Berg leaves in defeat, and Felit carries Cindy in his arms. He declares that he loves her and wants to have a baby with her, in French. Not understanding, Cindy agrees happily. Everyone tries to stop them, much to Cindy's confusion.

Berg then returns with Jurg, ready to kill everyone, only to be shot dead. Everyone turns to see Taylor holding a badminton racket with a gun attached. Cindy declares that it's done, and the two celebrate, with everyone else joining in.

Staying in Steady Edit

Cindy is first seen by Amy after she wakes up, huddled with Hanne, Jacob, JZ, Anne, Felit and Russel. Cindy whispers that they are waiting for the heroic arrival of the Musiknotat Goalkeeper, which is Kyle Musiknotat. She, along with everyone else, begins to chant his name. Kyle's arrival is outshone, when Cindy lets out a gasp as Eric is revived. She calls out his name and rushes over, but Felit lunges forward to stop her. Eric and Felit duel, but JZ joins Felit's side. Disgusted by Eric's defeat, Cindy finishes him off with a slap to the face.

After losing Anne and Russel to their own romantic desires, Felit and JP to being hit by a car, Taylor from being to weak, Cindy scans their situation. They are left with herself, Amy, Hanne and Jacob, as Eric is too weak to fend off Berg. Cindy announces that they need to find somewhere safer, and drags Eric's body to a house. When they arrive at the house, Cindy is distant, struggling to hide her sadness. She then puts Eric on a bed and asks if he'll be alright, which Hanne reassures he will. When Hanne spits at him, Cindy glares at her and mutters that it was unnecessary.

When Amy goes to face Drew, Cindy begs her not to turn herself in. When Jacob won't stop making noise, Cindy puts her hand over his mouth to silence him. Drew then finds them, but Cindy stands up face to face with him. She then punches him and screams for everyone to run. Cindy looks back to see Drew chasing after him. She then cries that they can't leave Eric in the house and decides that if nobody will go back for him she will. She turns and dodges Drew's attack and returns for Eric. It is revealed that she is misplacing her grief for Jonathan and placing it on Eric.

As the Clan is boarding the train, they hear Cindy calling out for them to wait. She appears with Eric and the two try to catch the moving train, but Eric falls and Cindy refuses to leave him. The two are then carried away by Drew.

When the Clan are in Russel and Anne's Van of Sex, they are served Eric Chow Mien and Cindy Stir Fry, which they throw away. Hanne is angry, as the two were right there in their grasp but they threw them away.

Later, as the Clan go to Berg's house to rescue Cindy and Eric, they hear tortured screams, which belong to the two.

Cindy is shown to be in Berg's house, tied to a pole beside Eric. She feels heavy with grief, thinking back to when she had been kept there with Jonathan, moments before he was killed. When Eric screams she scolds him, telling him he'll make things worse. She herself then screams when a sound effect of a whip plays over the speakers. These are revealed to be the screams the group had previously heard. Cindy then grows angry that Eric hadn't left the house when the others had, and that she had to go save him, which left them in the mess they were now in. Cindy then orders him not to say anything else. Suddenly Rach enters the room, and Cindy feels sick to her stomach just looking at her. When Rach announces that Russel had died, Cindy is saddened, and looks over at Eric, who is devastated for his best friend. She then thinks of Anne, who will be heartbroken.

Cindy tries to comfort Eric, sympathizing with him. She thinks of how she'd never been very close with Russel, but that he'd been one of her friends. She then remembers all of her friends who had been killed by Berg, and thinks of Jonathan. As Berg, Jurg and Merg begin to torture the two, Cindy refuses to show weakness and holds back tears. Once the Berg Brothers leave, Cindy notices that Berg had never tied her hands and quickly leaves, grabbing a bicycle from his garage. She hurries to Starbucks and orders a chai latte. Cindy looks up to see that Jason is the barista. Cindy is shocked and exclaims that she had thought he was dead.

Jason explains that he had never been killed, but motions to the ghost of Nate and states that when Hanne's crushes die, they come to the Anaheim Starbucks. Cindy quickly grabs her latte and bikes back to Berg's house. She returns to the prison room and pours her drink on Eric's head. She urges him to leave, but he simply asks how. Cindy promises she'll think of something.

Suddenly, Cindy thinks of an idea, and makes Eric cry even more by insulting him. Eric begins to sob and Cindy collects his snot in her empty coffee cup, then spreads it around the door. Cindy explains that the Berg Brothers will get stuck in the snot and the two can run straight past. Eric points out that they'll be in the way, but Cindy ignores him. Berg and Jurg then enter the room, and Cindy yells for Eric to run. The two race to the door, only to be stabbed in their stomachs as they run past. Cindy urges Eric to keep going, holding her side. The two run for a couple blocks before collapsing, and Cindy worriedly wonders if they're going to die. When she moves her hand, it's covered in blood. Cindy orders Eric to take off his shirt and rips it in two, tying one half around her stab wound and the other half around his. The two are then rescued by the Clan.

Cindy tentatively asks if it's true that Russel died, which Jacob confirms. She then becomes aware of her own pain and lets out a gasp, while Hanne treats her injury. She then sits in silence, looking out the window. It is revealed she would never thank Hanne for anything. She asks Amy where they are going, but doesn't get an answer.

Once the Clan reaches the bunker, Cindy is excited to see her children, Milky, Cons, Claine and Neldy. It is unknown where Isla Rose is. Cindy hugs Milky, then gently asks if he got a new piercing. Cindy becomes proud that her son is growing up and sits down with him. Cindy is then overjoyed when she notices that Neldy's wife, Cheller, is pregnant. She wishes Jonathan was there to see them, but thinks to herself that he is watching over them. When Eric and Cons start to argue, Cindy tries to get them to calm down and introduces them to each other. When Berg takes Hanne and Claine, Cindy grows worried and angry.

Amy and Cindy rush from the bunker with Jacob and Eric and hurry to Hanne's grade ten locker. Cindy worriedly asks Amy if there's any sign of legets, scanning the hallways. Soon they reach the locker, and when it hit's Eric in the face and he screams, Cindy snaps at him to be quiet, warning that he may alert legets. The Clan approaches the gym, where muffled music blasts through the doors. Cindy turns and asks if they should knock, but before anyone can answer the doors burst open to reveal Taylor. It is revealed to be a carnival in the gym.

Cindy then decides to compete in the carnival pageant, along with Hanne and Taylor. She decides to perform her routine from a past pageant.

Later, after Amy has been kidnapped by Taylor and Berg, she is thrown into a van, where Cindy is. Cindy angrily asks why Taylor would do this. After two hours of driving in the van, Cindy screams for everyone to stop what they're doing, and states that they will get nowhere with panicking.

When Taylor spits on Cindy's shoulder, she recognizes the spit as Marie's spit, and screams as Marie comes out of Taylor's mouth. The van later crashes, with Taylor, Marie and Berg nowhere to be seen, and Cindy is thrown out the window. Cindy rushes over to Eric's body when he is found crushed under the van. She expresses that she doesn't care, though it is clear she does somewhat care. Eric dies, and Cindy declares that it's time to take down the Berg Brothers once and for all.

After back up arrives, Nick is with them, with his and Cindy's daughter Mark. Cindy rallies the group with a cheer, and they all join in. The Berg Brothers then fly overhead on drones and she screams in agony. After the Berg Brothers continue on, the group follows in their cars, and once in the van, Amy asks Cindy for a pregnancy test. Cindy is excited when Amy reveals she is pregnant. When Amy worries that she can't fight Rach and risk harming her baby, she thinks of her own children and how she cares for them. She looks out the window at Nick and Mark and states that she loves her family.

After Janelle shoots and kills Hanne, Cindy thinks with horror that it's the end. After Eric is reincarnated again, she grows annoyed. She orders Eric to stay away from her, then tells everyone they should get moving. The group goes to Berg's house, and Cindy suggests surrounding it.

The group corners the Berg Brothers, but only Cindy and Amy step forward, since it is their fight. Berg pulls out a gun and aims it at Cindy, and her children let out horrified screams. Cindy closes her eyes, ready for death, but is shocked when it never comes. She opens her eyes to see Taylor on the ground in front of her and rushes over. Taylor apologizes for betraying the Clan and asks for her forgiveness. Cindy nods with tears streaming down her face, too sad to speak. The book ends with Taylor dying.

Find Me or Blind Me Edit

Cindy is first seen checking to make sure the Clan is okay. When Amy and Jacob get too close, Cindy snaps at them to stop, and that there's no time for romance. Cindy then sighs and says that Amy was much more controlled when Hanne was still around. She admits she misses her. Anne comforts her but Cindy pushes her away.

Milky asks to speak with Cindy and Amy, and Cindy lovingly asks what he wants. He reveals that he and the rest of the kids, minus Mark, will be staying behind with Cheller, Oscar and Olivia since Cheller is unable to travel. Cindy is shocked but understands him and accepts his decision. When Amy suggests that he could one day be leader if one of them died, Cindy angrily retorts that they won't die, and storms away.

When the group arrives at the trails, Cindy curiously asks why they're there. She then decides that such a big group will attract Berg, and orders Jason to gather everyone and send them away, leaving her, Amy, Anne, Eric, Jacob, Mark and Nick. She then says that it's time to move.

Later, when Taylor arrives from StarClan to deliver her prophecy, Cindy is shocked and happy to see her and rushes over, asking if she's alive. After Taylor says the prophecy, Cindy angrily wonders if that's it, and the group chases her away. Soon a coyote appears, and Cindy steps protectively in front of Mark. When 50 more coyotes arrive, Cindy the Clan fights them off. Marie then arrives, and Cindy asks if she's supposed to be dead. Cindy is seen staring suspiciously at Marie and Geoff.

Amy beckons Cindy to decide if they should allow the siblings to stay, and Cindy is adamant that they don't. Amy decides that the two can stay, causing Cindy to scream. She wonders if it's the end of the Clan's peaceful ways.

Suddenly, Cindy orders everyone to be quiet, as she smells legets. The snap of a twig alerts Cindy and she screeches for everyone to get up a tree, grabbing Mark in her arms. She throws Mark into the tree and climbs after her, only to watch in horror as Mark falls out of the tree. Cindy watches helplessly as the legets attack Mark, and begs for Nick to do something. Eventually they fight the legets away, and the two rush to their daughter, only to find she has been devoured.

For the rest of the night, Cindy is shown to be deeply saddened and does not say much.

A Cult of Loger Arc Edit

A Cult of Loger Edit

Cindy is first seen sleeping in her sleeping bag beside Nick. When Amy wakes Cindy up, she screams, causing Eric to rush to her aid. Cindy shoves him away, causing him to fall, and Nick watches her in admiration. Amy then tells her to look farther away, where Anne and Geoff are making out. Cindy covers her eyes and angrily asks why Amy would make them look. She then asks where Anne is, and points out that Marie and Geoff are the ones making out. The group then runs away before Marie and Geoff can follow them, leaving Anne somewhere in the forest. For a moment, Nick reminds her of Jonathan, and she lets out a sigh. She suggests Nick and Eric go look for Anne, secretly wanting to just be with the original group of her, Amy and Jacob. She thinks to herself that even if Jonathan can't be brought back, memories can.

When the three return from their trip to the mall, they find Eric and Nick waiting at the entrance to the trail. Eric greets Cindy and puts his arm around her. She shudders and slaps him.

The Clan returns to their campsite in the forest and decides to play truth or dare. Cindy sits with Nick. When Nick responds to Jacob's dare before he has chosen who to dare, Cindy rubs his back to comfort him. After Jacob decides he dared Nick and Eric grows angry, Cindy screams at him to either grow up or leave.

She is commended for her words and she turns to Amy, thinking she was the one who spoke. Cindy's eyes widen when she realize nobody there had spoken, then turns and lets out a scream. She runs to Jonathan and jumps into his arms, hugging him. Nick and Eric watch jealously.

When Anne returns only to be killed by Berg, Cindy is distraught and horrified by her friends death. She, along with everyone else, is then saved from the Berg Brothers by Patrik. He then drops the group off at school, but leaves with Nick.

Cindy angrily rips apart Eric's schedule when he tries to see if they have any classes together, and sends him away. When Amy points out that the four of them have gym together, Cindy comments that she didn't even sign up for gym. Soon the group arrives at their gym class, where they will be playing dodgeball, and Cindy decides that it's time for her and Jonathan to dominate. She then promises that if he knocks someone out she'll hug him. The two then begin hitting people with dodgeballs, and Jonathan successfully knocks someone out. When Jonathan expresses his excitement to hug Cindy, she grows anxious and starts to shake, explaining that Berg used to say something similar but more vulgar. In the change room, Cindy squeals that she can't wait for her hug.

Next comes sexual health. The four sit together, and Jonathan tells Cindy he's very excited for their hug, to which she blows a kiss. As the class begins, the picture of Anne and Taylor reappears on the screen, and Cindy whimpers in agreement when Jacob says its weird because they're dead. When the teacher tries to flirt with Jonathan, Cindy grows angry and jumps to her feet, yelling that she thinks they should hug now. The two then hug, and the class cheers. In a fit of jealousy the teacher grabs a broom and begins to beat Cindy with it, until Jonathan grabs the broom and attacks the teacher with it, screaming at her to leave Cindy alone. The class screams in horror, and Jacob wails that Cindy's dying. The three then carry Cindy out of the class and bring her to the ER at the hospital.

When Amy notices that Aref is at the hospital, she swings Cindy over her shoulder, and Cindy weakly cries out her name. As the group continues to argue about leaving the hospital, Cindy moans for help. As the four try to escape the hospital, the doors shut and lock, trapping Amy and Cindy inside. Finally after Amy manages to break out, she carries Cindy over her shoulder and runs out. Amy throws her into the back of an ambulence where Jonathan and Jacob try to catch her, but fail.

The Clan arrive at another hospital, where Amy's mother works, and she quickly rushes Cindy away to be treated. Amy's mother returns and states that Cindy is doing fine, and that she just needs stitches and brace, but that there was something interesting on her scan. She then reveals that Cindy is pregnant, shocking everyone. She takes it back, stating that she was kidding and Cindy is a virgin. Cindy then wheels herself out on a wheelchair and snaps at Amy that she made her ribs worse by throwing her everywhere.

Once the Clan returns to school, they decide to spend the night in the bunker. Initially Cindy struggles to open the locker, since she forgets the combo, but they get in. After they get in the bunker, Cindy goes to sleep. She wakes up later and walks in on Jonathan watching pron. Cindy gasps and apologizes, then hurries out of the room. She wonders why she got up, then thinks that the T.V. is too loud. Jonathan comes out and urges her to watch pron with her, but she refuses. Cindy returns to her room, but half an hour later gets up and unplugs Jonathan's T.V..

That Saturday, Cindy has a soccer game. The Clan agree to go watch her game, but end up at IKEA instead. Cindy angrily tells them that she's going to miss her game. While Amy and Jacob go to shop in IKEA, she and Jonathan go back to the ballpit. After meeting up together, Cindy and Jonathan immediately walk back to the car to avoid another one of Jacob and Amy's fights. On their way there, they're ambushed by Berg and Merg. Cindy lets out a scream and asks where Jonathan is, noticing that he has disappeared. Merg points to him, and as Cindy turns to face Jonathan, the two bump heads. Cindy lets out a scream of pain, and the two Berg brothers watch uncomfortably. Jonathan cries and Cindy pats his back, trying in vain to comfort him. Suddenly, Berg unhinges his jaw, capturing the two in his mouth. Surprisingly, they are much smaller.

Jonathan looks over proudly at Cindy, and asks if she saw how uncomfortable the Berg brothers got when he started crying. She says nothing and gets to her feet, kicking Berg's tongue and cursing him. Without warning his tongue throws her against the wall of his mouth, and she holds her hand to where her forehead has been split open. Cindy announces that they need to escape, and yells for Jonathan to stop as he walks towards Berg's throat. Suddenly, Berg's mouth starts shaking, and Cindy realizes that he must be looking for Amy and Jacob. After both Amy and Jacob get swallowed, Cindy begins to lose hope, wondering how they will ever escape. She then orders Amy and Jacob to work out their fight. She snaps that the two can't have sex yet, as it won't save them from Berg. After Amy calls her a virgin, her eyes narrow in fury and she angrily asks when having sex has ever saved Amy from Berg.

The Clan are then spit from Berg's mouth, and Cindy looks at Amy, the two knowing where Berg has brought them. Cindy gravely states that they're in Leget territory, and are going to die.

One Last Lonely Girl Edit

Jonathan warns the group not to make too much noise, but Cindy mockingly laughs and states that the Legets already know they're there. Jacob, Jonathan and Amy climb a tree, and Amy calls for Cindy to join them, but she stands her ground. She refuses, stating that she has unfinished business to attend to. Cindy then grows silent and listens for Legets, quickly pinpointing them before a pack of 20 bursts through the trees. She grabs a sharp stick and the pack freeze, sizing her up. Cindy charges and begins stabbing them with the stick, yelling that they killed Mark, her daughter. After a brief, fight, she kills all the Legets. The group leave the Leget territory and start walking up the street. Jonathan puts his arm around Cindy and comments that her fight was impressive. She smiles, but removes his arm from her. He compliments her again, calling her a badass, and she blushes. After being locked in the vape shop by Amy, Cindy rushes to the door and starts banging on the glass, yelling her name. She is shocked when Amy is revealed to be Hanne, alive.

Cindy turns to the other customers in the vape shop and asks them to help escape, which they agree to. Cindy lets out a scream after she turns and sees that Jonathan's hair has somehow been cut into a mullet and asks him what happened. After Jonathan breaks through the door, Cindy exchanges a confused look with Jacob before running after him. Outside, Jonathan is freaking out over his hair, and Cindy tries to comfort him by pointing out that he can always grow it back. He tells her that without his hair he has nothing left, which hurts her, and she quietly says that he still has him before running away. Jacob calls out for her to wait, but she keeps running. Hanne hisses that the two boys are hopeless, and wonders how Cindy has been managing without her. After Jonathan punches Amy in the face, Hanne sighs and mutters they should just go get Cindy, then explains to Amy that she's upset because Jonathan said she doesn't matter to him.

Right before Jonathan's mother is about to attack him, Cindy leaps down from the upstairs banister, crashing down between them. Cindy tells her that she's Jonathan's girlfriend, which shocks Jonathan. Angelica replies that she's Jonathan's mother, but Cindy shakes her head and says she doesn't think so, pulling out photos of Angelica doing horrible things to Jonathan. Without another word Cindy swings the picture frame into Angelica's head, making a crack noise. She then pushes past everyone, urging them to run, and hurries out of the house. When Jonathan insists everyone go faster, Cindy asks how much faster they could go. He then picks her up in a fireman's lift and carries her off the path to hide in the woods. Cindy then comments that she's never seen Jonathan so protective. Shortly after, she and Jonathan are both captured by Berg.

She is next seen sitting in the back of Berg's van with Jonathan, and Cindy begins to cry quietly. Jonathan asks if she's okay, and she shakes her head. Without warning Jonathan spins her around to face him and confesses his love to her, however Cindy can only manage a small thank you. She explains that it's not why she's crying, and starts to cry even harder. Rach is there holding Milky with a gun to his head, and sneers that since Cindy stole her child, she's going to kill hers. Cindy lunges forward but is too late, as Rach pulls the trigger. Cindy lets out a heaving sob, and Rach snarls at her to return Isla Rose.

When the Taylor drone comes to rescue the two, Jonathan throws Cindy up to it. She lets out a wail, as she is both grieving and terrified. When the Clan arrives at the hospital, Cindy screams to the nearest doctor to save her son, and when he is confused as to where Milky's body is, she whimpers that he's been shot. After hours of waiting, the doctor returns and informs Cindy and Jonathan that they found the rest of Milky's body inside of him, and that he is recovering and will now look like a normal person. Cindy hugs Amy out of joy. When Milky walks out of the operation room, Cindy rushes over with Jonathan and hugs him. Milky comments that his name is stupid, and Cindy scolds him, stating that his father named him that when he was going through a tough time. When Amy comments that she hopes her kids aren't as hot as Milky or she'll end up like Jonathan's mom, Cindy stares at her in shock and horror. Amy apologizes and Cindy admits that Milky is good looking, but his attitude needs work. She states that she can't believe it, and that he's so normal now.

Jonathan suggests they kill his mother by nuking her, and Cindy disagrees, saying no everytime he tries to speak. On their way to kill Angelica, the Clan stops at Tim Hortons and goes inside. Amy asks to go through the Drive Thru instead, and Cindy points out that they're already inside. Cindy reluctantly agrees to go through the Drive Thru. When Berg appears, naked, in the Drive Thru window, Cindy screams and turns away from the sight. In all the excitement, Isla Rose falls from the car, ultimately dying. Cindy screams in horror and is distraught, but Jonathan promises they can have another baby, and pulls out a Baby Maker.

Cindy and Jonathan use the machine to design their baby together, and when the baby is ready, she is overjoyed. She then reads out the baby's name, which is Jackelyn McTaliban.

Soft Backlash Edit

Cindy is first seen sitting on a pool chair by Amy's pool, bouncing Jackelyn on her knee. As Amy and Jacob begin to argue, Cindy covers Jackelyn's ears, and then covers Jonathan's eyes when Jacob gets out of the pool to reveal that he is naked. When Aref arrives and Jonathan tries to fight him, Cindy holds him back, urging him not to fight with a baby nearby. The three go inside Amy's house and look outside to where Aref is waiting, and Cindy asks what they should do, as he won't leave them alone. When Amy mentions sex, Cindy slaps her and points to Jackelyn, warning her to watch her language.

After a knock at the door, Cindy decides to answer, and goes down to open the door, only to come face to face with a 6'3 body builder. Cindy stares in shock as the man greets her then lets himself inside, closing the door behind him. She angrily asks him what he's doing, and he introduces himself as Davy. Cindy then decides that since he's a guy and Amy is now single, she will allow him inside. Only once Davy is in Amy's room does Cindy notice that he's wearing nothing but a small speedo.

When Davy pulls cue cards out of his speedo, Jonathan tries to ask him a question, but Cindy clamps her hand over his mouth to stop him. Cindy thinks to herself that they can't go a day without being near a freak. When Davy reveals that he is with Berg, Cindy gasps, but covers it up as a cough. Amy then motions for Cindy and Jonathan to leave, but Davy blocks the doorway. Cindy uses the excuse that they need to freshen up, but Davy doesn't allow it. After Amy knocks out Davy, Cindy grabs Jackelyn and sprints out of the house. Cindy suggests that they go to her house, pointing out that the most dangerous place they could go is the school.

Davy chases after the Clan, and once they reach Cindy's house, she hurriedly tries to punch in her garage code. Jonathan shakes her and accidentally knocks her to the ground. She screams, and gets up to reveal that she fell on Jackelyn, crushing her and ultimately killing her. Cindy finally manages to open the garage door and orders Jonathan to keep Davy busy while she and Amy think of a plan. The two girls rush inside and Cindy begins creating new cue cards for Davy in the hopes of him following them as blindly as his other ones. The two girls go outside to find that Davy and Jonathan are gone, but there's a strange man standing over Jackelyn's body. Cindy screeches at him to get away from her, and lets out a strangled wail as he picks Jackelyn up and runs away. After Jonathan fights the man and gets Jackelyn back, he takes her to a grave he dug with Davy. Cindy sobs as they lower her body into the grave.

That night the Clan sleeps in Cindy's house. She locks Jonathan in the guest room when he wont stop picking up her guinea pigs by their feet. When a scream comes from the guest room in the middle of the night, Cindy gasps Jonathan's name and jumps from her bed to investigate. When it turns out to be Jonathan who knocked someone through the window, Cindy rushes over and looks down, expecting to see Davy. She is shocked and exclaims that it's Eric. She quickly ducks and pulls Amy and Jonathan down with her, whispering that someone is outside. She peers over the edge of the window to see Aref taking Eric's body, and she wonders if she's imagining the faint outlines of Russel and Anne.

Cindy sighs and thinks that she doesn't care about Eric, but his death still bothers her. She wonders if he had been working with the Berg Brothers this whole time. She suggests going to see if Davy is still there, struggling to remain calm. Once they reach the garage, she freezes before opening the door, not knowing if anyone will be outside. Jonathan panics and forces her to open the door, where she is then hit in the head with a basketball. Cindy sits up dazed and mutters to Jacob, who had thrown the ball, that she hopes Aref kills him. Jonathan then carries her back to her room, places her in her bed, kisses her, and leaves. Cindy is already asleep before he kisses her, so she does not know about it.

The next morning, the three return to the garage to find that Jacob is gone, which pleases Cindy. She leads the way to her backyard where they find Davy is still at the tree they tied him to. Cindy reluctantly unties him and hands his leash to Jonathan. Davy then tries to show them the way to Jacob, but Cindy argues that they don't care about him, which causes Amy to push her. After Davy leads them to the arena, Cindy and Jonathan are both excited to see that Steven Stamkos is there.

Cindy is annoyed when Amy insists they leave without speaking to Stamkos, but after much arguing she concedes. At Starbucks, when the barista is revealed to be Pookie, Cindy is visibly worried and begins to lead Jonathan out of the restaurant. He knocks her to the ground, injuring her. Once he notices that she's unconscious, he grows panicked and runs out. Cindy is distraught when they discover that Jonathan has been kidnapped by Davy, and blames herself. Amy reassures her that she was unconscious and there was nothing she could have done. Cindy worriedly wonders if Berg will kill him. Jonathan then texts her, apologizing and asking for help. Cindy wails that they need to save him and the two hurry to find him.

The two are shocked to run into Jacob, who is alive. He anxiously asks if it's true that Eric died, and Cindy doesn't answer. He then tells them that even though they didn't like them, he was loyal and especially cared about Cindy. Cindy looks away and sharply tells them they need to save Jonathan. Cindy lets out a scream when she sees Jonathan fighting against Drew, which gives him the chance to knock the Berg Brother away. When it's revealed that Stamkos is Jonathan's father, Cindy watches Jonathan with wide eyes. As Stamkos shoots a puck at Jonathan to kill him, Cindy dives forward to sacrifice herself, but lets out a scream when she realizes she's too late.

She collapses beside Jacob, who had taken the blow instead, and whimpers for him to pull through. After Jacob dies, Cindy lets out a gasp and points to where Eric, Russel, Taylor and Anne's spirits have arrived to lead Jacob to StarClan. Cindy then insists that they need to leave, since the Berg Brothers are so close. She then grabs their hands and pulls them away, forcing them out of the arena. The three run into Aref and Rod. Cindy angrily tells them to let them go. In the car, Cindy comforts Amy, who is still grieving over Jacob's death. She gasps when she notices Aref is in the car. She punches him and curses at him, calling him a Berg Brother. She angrily tells him how they had thought Jonathan was dead thanks to him. Cindy then announces that she votes Aref should leave, but that Amy should decide. Cindy then decides that they will give Aref a probation period and then decide if he can stay.

Rod returns and Amy screams at him, making Jonathan uncomfortable. Cindy thinks that while she understands why Jonathan is uncomfortable, she too wants to know why Rod keeps following them. She watches through narrowed eyes as Rod hugs Amy, then lets out a gasp when she hears a familiar voice whisper to hug Amy. She dives forward and tackles Rod to the ground, screeching that he's a Berg Brother. Then, when Gibby introduces himself, Cindy tenses and glances warily at Amy, thinking he's another Berg Brother. Jonathan promises they can trust him, but when Amy insults Jonathan, Cindy slaps her and yells to take it back. Cindy asks Gibby what Berg says about her, and he tells her that she confuses Berg.

At the bunker, Gibby warns them Berg is coming, and Cindy worriedly suggests that perhaps it's just students. Cindy tries to comfort Jonathan, but struggles since he is naked and doesn't want to look at him. When Jonathan's crying grows louder, Cindy risks seeing him naked to quiet him. She pulls back the shower curtain only to find that he's gone and his crying is a recording. A note falls from a hole in the ceiling and Cindy gasps when she notices it's signed by Jacob, exclaiming that he's dead. Cindy then climbs her way up to the hole and cries for everyone to follow her up.

The three find themselves in a dressing room where music is blasting, and that Jonathan is there, clothed. Cindy rushes over to him and asks what happened. Drew and Davy then burst into the room and take Jonathan and Cindy away. Cindy fights against them, screaming for them to let go, but they drag her away. A TV screen then turns on to show Cindy and Jonathan standing on a stage beside Merg in front of thousands of fans. Her name is announced as the crowd cheers, and she is shown struggling not to cry. They are revealed to be on the Thrust Games, and Merg counts down from three before telling them to fuck. Cindy and Jonathan stand rigid in fear, and Amy breaks the TV before anything else can happen. After Aref rescues Amy and Gibby, Amy begs him to help Cindy, but he promises that Rod is with her.

After some time in a new bunker, Rod bursts through the door carrying Cindy and Jonathan over each shoulder. He places them, unconscious, in two beds. Amy worriedly thinks that Berg could have ruined them. She is then shown to be in shock. Cindy later is seen eating Coco Puffs, and Jonathan tells her that eating them with yak milk is good for gaining weight. Cindy thanks him but explains that she doesn't want to gain weight, which upsets him. She tells him she's not mad and appreciates the advice. The two then rejoin the others in the kitchen. The sound of breaking glass catches Cindy's attention and she decides to go check it out. She quickly runs back to the kitchen and tells them that they've been discovered. She is shoved, along with everyone else, into a cupboard by Rod. Inside is revealed to be a tunnel.

As the group walks through the tunnel, Gibby asks Amy how well she knows Aref, and Cindy interjects, stating that they had previously dated. Amy grows angry and accuses Cindy of having sex with Jonathan, which upsets her. She snaps to Amy that Jonathan is her friend and they would never do that, making Amy feel bad. Cindy is the first to climb out of the tunnel.

The group fly to Germany, and Cindy exclaims that she's ready, since she is German and therefore knows the language. Jonathan pulls out Mein Kampf and Cindy gasps, throwing the book away. She then pulls out her phone and opens Duolingo to help teach Jonathan German. When he can't get the right answer, he throws her phone, and she snaps at him. Rod asks Aref if they're always like this, and Aref says yes, but that Cindy used to be meaner. In the car, Cindy sits in the front with Amy.

At the hotel, Amy tells her that she booked three suites, and Cindy groans, not looking forward to sharing the room with Jonathan. He excitedly tells her that their sleepover will be fun, and she nods, not sure how to tell him there's only one bed. She greets the hotel butler in German and the two converse, impressing Jonathan. She then tells him that they will watch a movie, and turns the TV on. She sits down on the bed and is frustrated when he sits on the floor. She thinks to herself that she doesn't want romance but that he should at least be able to sit in the same bed as her. She tells him that they're mature enough to sit on the bed together, since they will both be sleeping there, and that he needs to start acting normal. The two then watch the movie before going to bed at 9:00.

When the group believes to have found Aref and Rod having sex, they are shocked to see that Rod is in fact Drew in disguise. Cindy is angry when she notices that he used her Victoria's Secret tanning lotion. She looks to Jonathan in annoyance and suggests that they leave to explore the city, which they do. The two return after Amy, Aref, Rod and Gibby get rid of Jurg and Drew. The group decides to go to her and Jonathan's room, where they find a large sign reading 'EAT ASS'. Cindy is uncomfortable and asks Jonathan what it is, where he explains that it's to remind him to cherish her. Cindy smiles, touched by this. As the group turns to leave, they run into Angelica.

Bug Hipz Smol Whipz Edit

Cindy is seen fuming and angrily orders Angelica to leave Jonathan alone. She leans over to Gibby and tells him to get Amy and get the car started, then herds the group out of the room to leave Jonathan alone with Angelica. When Angelica shoves Jonathan, Cindy whirls around and slams Angelica to the ground, pushing a bookshelf on top of her. She screams at Jonathan to run, and the last thing he hears before the elevator doors close is Cindy's scream.

Aref worriedly asks him where Cindy is, and he explains that she's fighting Angelica. Amy goes to find her, and lets out a scream when she finds Angelica gone and Cindy dead. Amy then sits up in a bed and thinks that she was dreaming, seeing Cindy lying beside her. Suddenly Amy lets out a choked wail when she notices a gash running across Cindy's throat, and that she is in fact dead. Jonathan runs into the room and Amy quickly hides Cindy's body with a blanket.

After Angelica is killed, Cindy is revived and Jonathan runs to hug her. He then asks her to be his girlfriend, which she says yes to. She is horrified to find out that they are back in Bern, and insists that they need to leave. The group later arrives at the Sex Shop mentioned by Aref, where Cindy orders Jonathan not to touch anything. She is confused when Aref returns and blocks their exit, and objects when he says that every girl likes him. He is angered that she's the only girl who isn't attracted to him and tries to rape her, but is saved by Jonathan. She slumps down against the van, shaken. Jonathan later expresses his fury to Amy, asking why Aref would try to rape her, and ends up killing Aref because of it. Cindy is shocked to hear that Jonathan killed him. Berg then finds the van, and Cindy snaps out of her shaken state, ordering him to get in the van.

Cindy gasps in horror as Jonathan climbs onto the top of the van to fight Berg. When he shoots Jonathan, she screams. She stares sadly as Gibby draws his final breaths after taking the shot for Jonathan and gently thanks him. As the group continues on in the van, Jonathan comforts her, which makes her slightly uncomfortable. When Amy rejects Reid's offer to get Anne back, Cindy is angry and hits her, causing Jonathan to pull her back. The group then stops at a motel for the night. At 3:33 in the morning, Amy runs into Berg, who comments about how Cindy made him feel.

Jonathan and Cindy go to the front desk where Berg had been, and Cindy decides that they should get Rod, Amy and Reid and leave. She then runs to save Amy from Berg. She hits him with her slipper, which scares him away. Cindy is angry with Amy for ruining her night and tells her to go to bed, storming away. The next morning the two girls settle their argument, and Cindy comments that she misses Jacob. The group then gets back in the van and Cindy leads them to the Moonstone, where they can visit StarClan. She instructs everyone to press their noses to the glowing stone and fall asleep, and everyone complies. The group soon finds themselves in StarClan.

Eric steps forward to hug Cindy, but she pushes him away. She is then seen talking with him and Taylor, while Jonathan stands nearby. After Rach offers to revive someone in return for the Dark Forest members being listened to, Cindy immediately refuses. Amy is angered by this, but Cindy states that they don't deserve to be heard. Jonathan urges her to, as they could get Jackelyn or Isla Rose back, but before she can answer Taylor offers to watch over them in StarClan. Cindy hugs her and begs her to take care of them, then watches sadly as Taylor carries the babies away.

Cindy then spots Mary among the Dark Forest members and asks why she's there. Cindy then decides they should talk in private, as she has a favour to ask. Mary explains that when she was young, she had been attracted to Berg, but he asked her to find someone else for him, so she suggested Cindy. Outraged, Cindy realizes that Mary is the reason Berg is after them and why everything has happened. Eventually Cindy calms down and asks that Jonathan be revived once should he die. Mary refuses, but offers to trade a life for a life, and that should Jonathan die, Cindy will die instead and allow him to be revived. Cindy reluctantly agrees and the deal is sealed.

After leaving StarClan, the group awaken back at the Moonstone, where Jacob is waiting for them. Cindy along with everyone else runs and hugs him. The group then returns home, where they attend their anthropolgy class. Cindy is wary of their new teacher, and makes negative comments about her.

Later the four go to the bunker, and when Jonathan lets out a cry and runs away, Cindy uncomfortably gets up to follow him, but is stopped by Jacob. Cindy walks into the room to check on the boys just as Jacob makes a disturbing comment, and she quickly leaves, disgusted. Jonathan then announces that he's not as innocent as everyone thinks, and that he can handle things too, which shocks Cindy. The two then leave to speak in private. The following morning, the four and Rod board a bus to Quebec, where they arrive at Bishop's University. Once they reach their shared room, Cindy offers to share the double bed with Jonathan. She then makes everyone Kraft Dinner.

At breakfast the next morning, Rod approaches Cindy and asks for her help in winning Amy over. Cindy doesn't hear him, as she's too busy wrestling over a cereal box with Jonathan.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason she broke up with Jonathan wasn't because she didn't care for him but to prepare him for life without her. Her harsh break up was to help him get over her faster.
  • Her true love Grid.
  • Though never stated, she stopped playing hockey after the season ended because, ironically, she wanted to live a normal life.
  • When asked about her relationship towards Berg, the HMB writers said it is very tense, and in no way romantic.
  • She never liked Eric.
  • Had she survived, she would have become the head counselor.
  • She does not have feelings for Eric.
    • When she showed worry for him, it wasn't because she cared, but because she felt guilty and responsible for his previous death.
  • It is true that she is now completely loyal to Camp GUA.
  • She is the only known person to ever fight off and kill a pack of Legets.
  • Cindy is German.

Quotes Edit

Berg: "Cindy, I'm so sorry."
Cindy: "No, it's not that… it's just… when you move to Anaheim..."
Berg: "When I move to Anaheim what?"
Cindy: "You'll probably meet some other girl there and fall and love and..."
Berg: "First of all, no! I would never do that, I love you!"
Cindy: "That's why we've broken up a million times, right? Besides, I'm too young for you. Things would never work out."
Berg: "You know what? Fine! Don't trust me! We're over. For good."
—Cindy and Berg breaking up Cindy and Berg, page 423
Berg: "Bye Cindy."
Cindy: "I'll be over there."
Berg: "Just you wait, Cindy Müller. You will regret this. I will not stop until I get what I want. I will thrust, and I will bust!"
—Berg's parting words Cindy and Berg, page 430
Hanne: "We won't tell anybody if you promise not to see him again."
Cindy: "Ok-k-kay."
Amy: "Plus, you’re better than him."
Hanne: "You could do way better!"
Cindy: "Oh, I know! I just like to break the rules."
—Cindy after being caught with Eric by Hanne and Amy Camp GUA, page 243
Benton: "Anything?"
Cindy: "Eric Walton… He was the intruder."
Benton: "Eric? That little spy!"
—Cindy giving Eric away Camp GUA, page 245
Cindy: "So… I need to come clean about something. I was lying when I told you Eric had said he still loves me. He doesn’t. We aren’t dating! I… I was a spy for Camp SHHS! Hear me out, okay?"
Amy: "Okay…"
Cindy: "I had been giving Eric information on your secret attack that night. We weren’t making out. I’ve always wanted to be the next Head Counselor of Camp GUA, but everyone knows that will probably be you. So I made an agreement with Camp SHHS that if I could help them win back the Best Camp title, I could be their Head Counselor. I’m so sorry, Amy! I don’t know why I did it!"
Amy: "You’ve learned your lesson, Cindy."
Cindy: "Oh, and, I hate Eric. Just to clarify."
Amy: "Me too."
—Cindy confessing to Amy Camp GUA, page 295
Cindy: "Alright, Berg. Let’s make a deal."
Berg: "A deal?"
Cindy: "Yes. A deal. We get you your ants back, and you listen to what we have to say."
Berg: "Yes. Very well. But, I must warn you, not just any ants will do. They have to be my ants."
—Berg making a deal with Cindy Lick of Love, page 31
Fortune Teller: "Now Cindy, so very patient. I see a lot for you… I see these words: ‘Cindy Petalleaf STD Cedric Loserjerk Müller was just one ordinary girl… or so we thought. She had a secret… a deep, dark secret. But everyone knew what it was. She loved Eric, though she would never admit it.’ Very curious. And also, I feel as though 33 is an unlucky number. Goodbye!"
Cindy: "Let’s go. That place sucks."
—The Fortune Teller giving Cindy her future Lick of Love, page 145
Berg: "I had one of my men fix you breakfast at your cheese place. What Jonathan and Amy tasted was Mr. Jürg’s cum. Also, the cheese that Jacob was eating all last night was drywall, so he’ll probably be dead soon. XD LOL! Good luck on the rest of your journey. Love, Berg."
Cindy: "You're a fucking sicko!"
—Berg calling Cindy after their stay at the Cheese Hotel Lick of Love, page 163
Cindy: "Hello! My… uh, friend, ate about fifty pounds of drywall without us knowing."
Receptionist: "Alright, he’s probably gonna die."
Cindy: "Not on my watch! Not on my watch!"
—Cindy to the hospital receptionist Lick of Love, page 170
Waitress: "Can I get you anything else?"
Cindy: "Back the fuck off, bitch, he’s mine."
—Cindy to the waitress when she takes Jonathan's order Lick of Love, page 185
Aref: "Hey guys! What's up? Hey, hey, are you okay? I’m a trained rescuer and I’m going to help you! What the hell is wrong with him?"
Cindy: "First he told me that he was constipated and couldn't work. Then he told me if I looked at him he would shit on Ms. Bruce’s desk. I am just performing a public service, really."
Aref: "And how does that make you feel?"
Cindy: "Kind of alone, you know?"
Aref: "No. I have never been alone before. I am very popular."
—Cindy and Aref speaking Penises for the Powerful, page 91
Jonathan: "I’m in the mood for the real stuff, and the real stuff is you, Cindy. I am not poop constipated, I am love constipated. I have held my love in for you for too long, and now I have love diarrhea."
Cindy: "Love diarrhea? Thank you! Is that why it smells like poop in here?"
Jonathan: "No, that’s Marie."
—Jonathan declaring his love to Cindy Penises for the Powerful, page 92
Cindy: "You know, I think I am going to go home."
Ms. Bruce: "No Cindy, it’s only first period. You can't go home until after fourth."
Cindy: "With all due respect Miss, I've been through a lot."
Ms. Bruce: "You're a student. Nothing is difficult until you become an adult like me. See what I mean? I have to clean that up because I am the adult."
Cindy: "Miss, in these past few weeks I have dealt with more than you'll ever deal with."
Ms. Bruce: "Oh, really? Now tell me, Cindy, how has your life been hard?"
Cindy: "I had a teacher that masturbated in front of us thousands times, a principal who wouldn't consider firing that teacher until we got his masturbation ants, and even then he didn't fire him, he just sent him to a training camp. And on that trip for the ants the principal’s brother hid John in a saxophone and pretended to be him. Then, we went to Sweden and Amy and I got humped. Jacob is dead or maybe being fucked by Kyle, I don't really know. We also watched one of our friends get turned into a drone. I don't know miss, that sounds pretty awful to me."
—Cindy confronting Ms. Bruce Penises for the Powerful, page 147
Berg: "Kill the donkey! Now finish the group! But leave Cindy to me. She’s mine."
Cindy: "Berg, no, I can’t use a nickname, it’s too weird. A nous deux, Jakob Silfverberg."
—Cindy and Berg facing off Le Secret de Cindy, page 320