Personality Edit

Anne is not afraid to voice her opinion, and doesn't let anyone tell her what to do (apart from Benton). She is kind and a loyal friend.

History Edit

Camp GUA Edit

Anne is a Camp GUA counsellor, first mentioned by Amy when she is seen leaving the camp meeting with Cindy. The two are mentioned as inseparable.

Later, it is mentioned that she and Cindy are distracting the campers with campfire songs, while the counsellors prepare for Camp SHHS.

She is briefly mentioned by Benton when she is assigned to guard the dock with Cindy.

She is seen when Amy, Hanne, and Cindy are reporting their findings of the Camp SHHS spy. Benton states that he is planning an attack on Camp SHHS, winking towards Anne. She tells him no, and then it is said that everyone speculates Benton to have a thing for her. When Benton says that Nightwatch can't attend the Camp SHHS raid, Anne is heard groaning unhappily.

She is very briefly mentioned by Cindy to have taken the campers for bracelet making.